Chakra Clearing and Balancing

You have seven main chakras within your body (technically the Crown or 7th is slightly above your head), and five other chakras outside of your body.

Their job is to connect you to Source (7th – Crown), ground you to the planet (1st – Root) and make sure that you are thriving, especially in your closest relationships (2nd – Sacral), expanding your creativity and abilities to manifest (2nd – Sacral), feeling empowered (3rd – Solar Plexus), balancing how you give and receive (4th – Heart), speaking your truth (5th – Throat) and tapping into your intuition (6th – Third Eye).

Energy flows through your chakras in both directions. From your Crown down through your Root in the Manifestation Current, and in the reverse direction from Root to Crown in the Liberation Current.

When the flow of energy is poor or ‘blocked’ in any of the chakras, we as humans can experience mental, physical and emotional signs and symptoms.

In a Chakra Session, also referred to as a Medical Intuition Session, we’ll connect in to each of the main seven chakras and heal what is presenting. *If we get through all seven and have more time, we can connect to some of the higher chakras, based on your goals and intentions for the session.


I teach you on the spot how to connect to your Higher Self (if you’re not already doing this) and receive Yes and No answers. Then we go chakra by chakra for the first seven, and see what is presenting. By that, I ask what colour it feels like, how big it seems, if energy appears to be flowing up and down through it properly. I also ask if anything needs to be released from it, and we call in something that feels better and more powerful for you. This takes about 90 minutes and in my experience has produced some magical results.


Because we have a tendency to store mental and emotion ‘things’ or ‘stuff’ from birth (or from your experience birthing a child), or from past relationships, and even from your ancestors and past lives. If you are experiencing physical pain or signs and symptoms that just don’t makes sense, this is a great session for you.

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A silhouette of a figure sitting cross legged with hands in prayer pose. The seven main chakras are shown along the length of the spine in their respective colours.

I also use Marisa Peer’s method of Hypnosis called Rapid Transformation Therapy to help people heal fears, phobias, addictions, health conditions, confidence issues and more.

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