Soul Guidance (Akashic Record) Reading

Your Soul has wisdom for you and about you.

I’m sure that you’ve heard you are a Soul who is currently living in a human body for a time. I completely believe this. Your Soul has been through MANY past lives and has carried some karma and innate gifts and talents into this life.

If you desire to learn more about who you are on a deep and intimate level, this Soul Guidance Reading is for you.

I also refer to this as an Akashic Record Reading. Why?

The Akashic Records are known as the Book of Life. It contains ALL the information about every single soul that’s ever existed since origination. That’s A LOT of information.

I have learned not only to read my own Akashic Record, but to also read for others.

A book is opened in front of a black night sky with a brilliant blue light above it

Prior to our call, I will pull as much information from your Akashic Record as is revealed to me, based on your Intentions.

Some of this will include:

*Who you are at Soul Level and where your Soul first originated
*How you were created, which explains how you are meant to create in this life
*How you uniquely manifest based on your Manifesting Blueprint
*Who your Spirit Guides are (if this is something that you do not know)

This information will be delivered to you by PDF, hopefully prior to our call.

The call will take about an hour. I can explain all the information and describe to you HOW to make use of the Manifestation Blueprint, which you can use over and over again for any thing you desire to call in.

Book a Soul Guidance Reading here: https://sherri.as.me/SoulGuidance