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    1-1/2-Hour Healing Sessions


    These 1-1/2- hour sessions will guide you into healing one aspect of your current self.


    These sessions could involve any of the following:
    *Past Life Healing
    *Healing your DNA (from your Ancestry)
    *Balancing your Chakras
    *Healing your Money
    *Healing your Body (your Health)
    *Healing your Relationships (loving yourself more)
    *Tarot and Oracle Cards
    *Learning WHO you are at Soul Level (based on your Akashic Records)
    *Learning how you uniquely Manifest and how to leverage that
    *Healing your Birth Story
    *Healing your Inner Child


    We’ll discuss your current situation and your goals prior to the call so we can use the hour and a half to focus on what’s important.


    **If you’re not sure about this, fill out this form first. It will help you know what you desire, and help me to know if I can help you: http://bit.ly/TransformForm

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    2-1/2 Hour Intensive


    Join me for a 2-1/2 Intensive to resolve a single issue.

    Heal what’s not serving you.
    Get clear on what you want and what you desire to release.

    A short break will be taken in the middle of the Intensive.

    Your Akashic Records will be cleared and your Chakras balanced after the session completes.