money healing

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    Rolling in Dough




    Over a 1-month period, let’s get clear about:


    *what beliefs you currently hold about money
    *where your beliefs about money came from
    *if your beliefs about money serve you
    *what new beliefs will serve you
    *how you can call in your new beliefs


    You will gain access to me for four 1-hour calls and daily access to me to help guide you through:
    1) any ‘pain’ with money
    2) beliefs that limit you
    3) issues with self-love
    that prevent you from allowing more money to flow to you.


    Money should be exciting, not scary.


    The first call will help us get a handle on your current money story and what you desire your story to look like. We’ll also determine how best to use the remaining three calls and how often you desire to connect with me by text or Facebook Messenger.


    *The remaining 3 calls can be used to heal your birth story, inner child trauma, past lives, or to raise your vibration in terms of allowing more money in.