Akashic Record Reading with Support

Your Akashic Record contains all decisions and situations from this lifetime, and all of your past lifetimes.

In some lifetimes, times were tough. We’ve been through wars, drought, abandonment, genocide, famine, disease, plagues, and so much more.

We’ve also had some very happy lifetimes with abundance in several or all life areas.


You will provide Sherri with your birth details including month, day, year, place and time, if you have them, plus your name at birth. This information is required to locate YOUR SOUL.

You will be delivered a long and detailed PDF containing information about WHO your SOUL is, where you first originated, or where you had your first lifetime, plus any gifts you have.


For some people, they don’t recognize themselves at all. This is due to your past selves having to make decisions that went AGAINST your SOUL over and over again.

Making decision that go against your SOUL creates negative karma.

Making decisions that are IN alignment with your SOUL will help to alleviate negative karma.

Some people truly see themselves in their readings and feel at home with themselves. This means over lifetimes, you have made decisions in alignment with who your really are.

The ultimate goal if this offering is to help guide you back to who you really are.


Once you have your PDF, you will take a week or two to digest who you are.

After that, you will deliver Sherri a list of 12-15 items to clear. This could be repeating patterns or anything really.


*every time I buy a car, the windshield gets a crack in it.

*every time I buy a new house, the basement leaks.

*every time I get into a new relationship, it’s either with a man named Chris, or with a man born on September 7th, or both. (NOTE: This was one of Sherri’s for a period of years.)

*my intimate partnerships are always with people who can’t commit for one reason or another

Sherri will clear these items for you, 3 at a time, over about 3 months.

NOTE: Most people feel a lightness or a sense of freedom about 24 hours after each clearing. However, some people notice nothing at all, and experience small changes over the coming months.


You can choose to invest in only what’s mentioned above for $333 Canadian or ~$250 USD.

In Canada, you have the option of eTransfer, or PayPal. For other countries, please use the PayPal link below.

Invest in only the Reading and Clearings for $333 Canadian or $250 USD.

In addition, you could invest in a series of 3 sessions that occur all within one month, or one per month for the following 3 months for an additional $399 Canadian or ~$299 USD.

In Canada, you have the option of eTransfer or PayPal. For other countries, please use the PayPal link below.

Invest in the Reading and Clearings, AND 3 Live 1-1 Support Sessions.


Re-aligning to who you are requires different decisions and different choices which are actions on the decisions.

Making new decisions can trigger your Ego to freak out. This does not happen right away, but usually your Ego will start to create some self-sabotage within the first 2-3 weeks of doing something new.

New actions could be changing your diet or exercise plan, going to new places, dressing differently, or any new actions.

These sessions will be used for support to help you re-align with your true self, and overcome any resistance your Ego will undoubtedly throw in your path.


If you are NOT at all satisfied, Sherri will provide ONE additional 1-1 offerings of your choosing, at current value.

Options may include:

Past Life Regression Session, Future Life Progression Session, Manifesting Blueprint Session, Healing with Higher Self Session or an Angels and Guides Report with Session.

bridge forward in your life

If you have any questions, please feel free to email infoATsherrisimpson.com