Leaf Filter

In December of 2023, I stopped house sitting and signed on to work with a company serving Ottawa and surrounding areas. The company is called Leaf Filter.

What is Leaf Filter?

Leaf Filter is a 23 year old company (almost 24) that began in Ohio. We’ve been in Canada now for 11 years (almost 12), and in Ottawa for almost 7 years.

We can install new gutters, or fix the ones you have and make them stop dripping and leaking.

Our biggest seller is our Leaf Filter covers.

We add a totally enclosed cover to your existing (or new) gutters, that only allows water in.

The system has a lifetime totally transferrable warranty (if you sell the house), and a no-clog money-back guarantee. Yes, I said money-back guarantee!

This is the only system I know of that keeps out everything, except for water.

The lids are made of virgin vinyl that won’t discolour or change shape, and medical-grade stainless steel, that won’t rust and doesn’t allow anything organic to grow on it.

This is a set-it and forget-it system. No more cleaning your gutters!!

My office services the greater Ottawa area from Hawkesbury, to Cornwall, to Deep River to Brockville.

If you’re in this area, I would be happy to give you a free quote, and show you what the product looks like. Email me at Sherri.LeafFilter at gmail.com

It will benefit you if all the decision makers can attend the call. We have certain discounts we can offer you while we’re in your home.

If you’re in Ontario, but outside of this area, or you’re somewhere else in Canada or the US, you can still get in touch. I can see if we have a professional to give you a quote in your area.

You can check out the website here: https://get.leaffilter.ca/

If you’ve never heard of Leaf Filter before, you can check out our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@LeaffilterGutterGuards

Who benefits from having Leaf Filter Covers?

If you have a lot of trees on your property, and your gutters fill up once or twice a year, you would benefit from having the covers installed.

If you have a second or third story on your house, and you can’t or choose not to get a ladder up there, you would benefit from having the covers installed.

If you don’t want to fall off of a ladder, no matter how many stories your home has, or you don’t want your parent/sibling/friend falling off a ladder, they would benefit from having the covers installed.

Can we just clean the gutters without adding the covers?

Absolutely, we can. If you have leaking or dripping gutters, which always seem to be over a driveway, porch or doorway, we can do what we call a CSR, Clean, Seal and Realign. We clean your existing gutters, use a 50-year marine grade silicone to seal all the seams on the end caps, corners and downspouts, we add hidden hangers and realign the gutters as needed, so the water flows where it’s supposed to go.

Your house is usually your biggest asset. Let me help you take great care of it.

Ask me about our seniors discount!