Connect: Trust Your Intuition

The wisdom and clarity you’ve been seeking is already within you.

This 8-Week Group Program will allow you to connect, trust and leverage your intuition to create a life you love.

Expand your Clairs

Meet your Council of Light

Connect on Demand

Receive Trusted Wisdom

Why You Need Connect: Trust Your Intuition

You’ve been asking everyone and their sister what to do.

You need to feel like you’re making the RIGHT choices for you.

This 8-Week Group Program will help you connect to your own Inner and Higher wisdom, wisdom that is meant for you.

You will meet your Council of Light. This galactic council is here helping to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time.

You will meet the Archangels and your Spirit Guides.

If you truly want to make empowered decisions in your own way, and trust those decisions 100%, this is the program for you.

You will end this program feeling empowered, higher vibrational, confident, and most importantly, happier, lighter and more free than when you began it.

Connect: Trust Your Intuition features

Eight group support calls, one call per week for 8 weeks.

A private Facebook Group, just for Connect: Trust Your Intuition members.An online learning platform containing your lifetime access course materials.

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You will learn how to receive and trust the Yes, No and Maybe responses that your Higher Self/Inner Being delivers to you, as well as how to ask better questions.


You will meet your own personal Council of Light who will help you apply the Rays of Light to raise your vibration, allowing you to attract more enjoyable people, opportunities and experiences to you.


You will learn to use your connection to Higher Self (and the Archangels) to alleviate any pain, fear, worry, doubt, anxiety and more. Your Spirit Team will help you stop feeling lousy and start feeling happy and energized.


You will meet a future version of yourself in a meditation. She will help you create a roadmap to your best life.You can re-visit her over and over to get more information and more details.


You will receive a Past Life Regression 1-1 session to help you heal any karma impacting your present life and your ability to create the future you desire.


You will learn how to use the Emotion Code to heal ancestral and present life karma and negative emotions trapped within your aura.

Connect: Trust Your intuition Introduction

This 8-Week Group Program was built out of pure necessity.

Over and over again, Sherri was noticing women who were disempowered, looking for answers outside of themselves.

They were anxious and distraught searching for their own path and purpose, but not able to access it within them.

Countless times, Sherri has heard: I don’t trust my intuition.

And: I don’t know what my purpose is.

Connect: Trust Your intuition is here to help you solve these problems.Yes! Not being able to consistently access your intuition IS a problem!

Sherri Simpson, Intuitive Guide

Sherri more or less fell into spirituality when she discovered she had an auto-immune disease that needed healing. She started with Quantum Success Coaching, then moved into reading cards, then reading and clearing the Akashic Records.

She also uses Past Life Regression and Future Progression Sessions, the Emotion Code and her own energy healing technique to guide her clients towards their desired transformation and best version of themselves.

[Your Life Transformation] CEO

Sherri’s Clients

Divine Timing

“Sherri’s reading was the result of Divine timing. The precious information it contained was what I needed to know. I was having doubts, and she gave me confirmation of what I had almost forgotten. She rekindled my faith and motivation in a project that is bigger than me, and I like to think of her reading as part of this beautiful journey.”

A. Ina

Understand My Life Path

“Sherri’s Akashic Record reading was fantastic. I learned several things about myself that helped me understand my life path and purpose more fully. She was even able to give me insight into what past lives are influencing this life the most! Sherri is also an incredible human being, bringing a special light and gentleness to her work. I highly recommend her!”

Kate Patchett – Intuitive Coach

Rare Gift

“Sherri is an exceptionally gifted, empathetic and intuitive, and I count my time with her to be of great and lasting value. Her rare gift of not only careful listening and inquiry but suggestions for seemingly simple exercises brought swift and far-reaching results.”

Pamela johnston

Weekly Overview of Connect: Trust Your Intuition

Week 1.

  • Access your intuition and receive your own personal Yes, No and Maybe responses
  • Practice this technique to build trust and confidence
  • Receive a list of important potential questions to ask

Week 2.

Meet Your Council
  • Meet and bask in the energy of your Council of Light
  • You will learn how to use three of the twelve Rays of Light in order to help you raise your vibration
  • The remaining Rays of Light will be available in the online course

Week 3.

Release Worry +
  • Use your connection to your Higher Self to let go of years of pain, lifetimes of karma, and generations of limiting beliefs
  • You will learn to not only let go of what no longer serves you but also call in higher vibrational energy

Week 4.

Future Self 
  • You will meet a version of your Future Self
  • You can re-listen to this meditation each time you desire more information
  • You can ask your Future Self to be general or very specific

Week 5.

More Rays of Light
  • You will gain access to SIX more Rays of Light to use to heal your body, mind and money story
  • You can call upon or Channel your Council of Light anytime you feel alone or desire more support
  • The audios will be found within the online course

Week 6.

Past Life Karma
  • You will learn some of the things that get carried forward from past lives including Curses, Contracts, Pacts, Bindings, and more
  • If you have not had your Past Life Regression session yet, you will book it this week

Week 7.

Archangel Meeting
  • You will meet several Archangels and understand when to call upon them
  • Each of the Archangels has their own gifts, and some support one or more of your main seven chakras.

Week 8.

  • You will see how far you have come and move into your future empowered and trusting your intuition.

Get started now!

Move Into Your Best Life Now By Learning to Trust Your Intuition

What Makes This Program Different

This 8-Week Group Program, Connect: Trust Your Intuition, gives you very simple and easy steps to access your intuition, trust your intuition and raise your vibration every day.

You’re busy! You need simple and easy techniques that take only a few seconds to use.

You can choose to connect in and use these tools for an hour a day, or for 30 seconds a day. 

No matter how much time you choose to commit to going within, you will experience shifts and transformations in your life.

Your Investment

This is a group program that has a limit of 18 women. Once you have access to the online content, you will have lifetime access to use it over and over. Your investment also includes ONE personal Past Life Regression Session to heal any current life or past life karma preventing you from moving into your next level self.

Instance 1




Includes EIGHT group sessions, the online course platform, ONE Past Life Regression Session and lifetime access to the private Facebook group.




Includes everything in the BASIC plan, plus THREE 60-minute 1-1 calls with Sherri that you can use within 12 weeks of purchase.




Includes everything in the PREMIUM plan, plus 24-7 Voxer (walkie-talkie) support to gain personal access to Sherri over 12 weeks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SATISFACTION100% guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t like this amazing 8-Week Group Program, or you don’t feel that it served you, or you still can’t 100% trust your intuition, you will gain 24-7 Voxer access to Sherri for 30 Days once the 8-Week Group Program completes.

More Client Testimonials

Powerful Healing

Sherri Simpson gave me a powerful healing and releasing. It was a beautiful unfolding where I felt 100% held and trusted her “spot-on” guidance. I appreciated her strong, connected, yet gentle presence. She helped me transcend through cycles of deep wounds and pain and resistance in my life. I appreciate the skills that she taught me, empowering me to have a stronger connection and understanding of my intuition.Within 2 weeks I noticed that: I’m shifting energy quicker and staying in a positive vibration even with resistant situations. I’m using the tools that she taught me and getting trusted answers and communication with my higher self. I’ve got increased presence, awareness, and confidence. I got clarity on my dating life and created better boundaries with my time.Thank you, Sherri Simpson, for sharing your skills and knowledge from your heart so generously and openly. You intuitively gave me everything that I needed and taught me how to deeply connect and trust in my guidance. I love how simple it now is for me to connect spiritually and to receive dependable answers and communicate effectively and efficiently with my guidance.

Rhonda Richard – Transformational Coach

Super Fun!

Sherri, is kind, warm, wonderful, and super fun!I felt very comfortable with her immediately, I could open up and share some very intimate details with her, it was as if I knew her for a long time.The work we did work wasn’t anything like I thought it would be.We went into my past and released some issues that weren’t serving me any longer. I learned lots of things about myself and I now see connections I couldn’t before.I felt lighter emotionally and physically and much happier after the session.I continue to feel good about myself and look forward to each new day.Do yourself a favour and book time with Sherri!!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so grateful to you

Donna Warren 

Lighter and More Motivated

I had a fantastic session with Sherri… I was feeling stressed, stuck and weighed down. I was becoming more stressed with no relief, lack of sleep and my motivation was lost.So I booked a session with Sherri.

We started to really focus on what sensitivities I was having, what relationships were causing an issue, and what was holding me back in my career and life balance. She helped direct me to the root of my issues.

Each item we focused on, discussed what it was and how I could change it, or what tools I could use to remove it. Then we cleared out that negative energy and replaced it with those positive and motivating thoughts.

She gave me the tools to replace the damaging energy with positive and healing energy.

The results came in slow and steady. Suddenly I was being recognized for my work, relationships that were tense were smoother, and I started to sleep more soundly. All in all, I was lighter, and more motivated.

She is insightful, with a helpful spirit and positive energy. I am telling everyone about her great skills to help guide and enrich people’s lives.

Stuart Becker – it consultant

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