Find Your Sun

You're stuck and finally ready to shift your energy so you can create the life you've been dreaming of.

You feel like you can have the life you really want but
you know you need to shift and transform.
But you're not sure exactly how.

You've read all the books. You've bought lots of courses, and you've even hired help. A massage here, a Reiki session there, and you're still not where you want to be.

Change doesn't have to be so hard and it doesn't need to take forever!

Are you ready to manifest your dreams now?

It's time to learn how to work with your own energy, and more importantly your emotions, in a way that doesn't just work, but works for you.

You need to learn to access your lower, heavier emotions in a safe and easy way. Then you can acknowledge and release those emotions, quickly and almost effortlessly.

What would it feel like to release sadness, anger, overwhelm and more?

Lastly, you need to replace those emotional energies with higher frequency emotions that feel better to you like love, joy and peace. That helps you raise your vibration.

What if you don't really know much about energy and how to shift it? Or you do know and you've tried it all with minimal success?

It doesn’t matter if you have NO idea what the heck I’m talking about or if you know EXACTLY what I mean. NOW is the time for YOU to take responsibility for your own life and more importantly your FEELINGS that actually create your life.


In order to have all that you want, you need to find and release the RESISTANCE that keeps you stuck. That’s where Find Your Sun comes in.

How does resistance show up?

Resistance can show up in a lot of ways but some you may recognize are:





Seemingly Uncontrollable Circumstances.


YOU have the power to shift, transform and overcome any resistance. Yep, you’re THAT powerful. It’s time you walked your true path and lived the way you want.

I have FAITH in you. I KNOW you're capable of creating the EXACT life you want. And I know it's going to be easier than you think and take far less time.

You have been efforting for far too long. It’s how you were taught. You work hard, you stay the course. But, sometimes things just happen that seem random or totally out of your control.

  • You get a flat tire.
  • You lose your job.
  • You get dumped.
  • You feel like you work so hard, doing all the things. You exercise, you’ve even learned to spend less time with negative people, even if they’re related to you.

    • You’re catching your own negative thoughts more often.
    • You journal and you’re eating better.
    • You’re feeling better, but you’re not quite where you want to be.

    Why isn't the good stuff coming FASTER when you've made some changes already?! What are you doing wrong? How do you *actually* create the life you want?

    You shift your energy. You change your frequency. You raise your vibration.
    You need to become an energetic match to everything you want.
    To do that, you need to shift your EMOTIONS

    Let's check in with your Future Self

    You’ll always be very clear about what you want next and trust you’ll have all the guidance and support to get there.

    Your body will feel WAY more fit, firm, free and healthy.

    Your love life will be steamy, romantic and absolutely satisfying. You’ll have the BEST friends a human could ask for.

    Money will flow in more easily from known and unknown resources. You’ll feel extremely abundant no matter what your bank account says. You’ll know you have the power to call in more money anytime you need or want it.

    You’ll finely be comfortable feeling all your feelings and will easily acknowledge and shift your feelings, knowing exactly when to do it and how to do it.

    You’ll feel confident, worthy of what you ask for, deserving of everything you call in, and you’ll love seeing how the Universe surprises and delights you. You’ll access your intuition quickly and easily and trust it completely.

    Life will be brighter, more beautiful and more satisfying than it’s ever been.

    You’ll feel as though you’re in FLOW way more often and know how to shift into flow when you’re not there.

    You’ll feel powerful and you’ll have absolute control over your body and mind, with the help of your Source and your clear and open Chakras.

    What is this Program: Find Your Sun - Energy Healing Made Easy?

    This LIFE ALTERING Live Online 10-Week Group Training Program is going to take you from where you are now to a place of knowledge, wisdom and personal power. Let’s look at the details:

    Week 1:


    Learn all about Energy, Vibration, Frequency and the Law of Attraction.

    Learn to run energy up (along the Liberation Current) and down (along the Manifestation Current) to clear out any guck and call in better feeling energy. Better feeling energy within attracts better feeling experiences.

    Learn the locations of the seven main Chakras and their importance.

    Week 2:

    FIRST CHAKRA: Work with your Safety, your Money and other Basic Needs you have on this planet.

    Learn to access and clear any heavy or negative energy, old beliefs or outdated patterns in the area of your Root Chakra that keep you stuck.

    This area is connected to pain and health issues in your lower extremities.

    Figure sitting in chakra meditation
    Red Root Chakra

    Week 3:

    SEVENTH CHAKRA: Learn to Feel Connected to the rest of the Universe and really understand running energy

    This Chakra technically resides outside of your body. However, it’s where you let the light flow in from above and where your Divine Source energy comes from so it’s absolutely necessary to keep this Chakra open and expanded.

    Week 4:

    SECOND CHAKRA: Learn to access your Creative Centre and Heal any old or present Relationships

    This Chakra relates physically to your hips, sexual organs and organs of elimination. 

    You’ll learn how to access and release any stuck energy and emotions in these areas

    Violet Crown Chakra
    Orange Sacral Chakra

    Week 5:

    THIRD CHAKRA: Learn to Step into your Personal Power and Alter your Relationship with Authority figures

    This Chakra relates physically to your digestive organs and your mid-back and emotionally to power, confidence and authority. You will learn to release stuck energy and emotion in these areas.

    Week 6:

    Question and Answer Session This Week.

    Acclimating the Energy from previous weeks and connecting the three lower chakras to one another.

    Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
    Golden Orange Chakras

    Week 7:


    FOURTH CHAKRA: Learn to Release any old Heartbreaks as well as Guilt, and feeling Unlovable or Not deserving.


    This Chakra relates physically to your ribs, heart, lungs, upper back, arms and hands. It’s time to shift your ability to give and receive so you can accept all that’s waiting for you.

    Week 8:

    FIFTH CHAKRA: Learn to Speak your Truth from a place of love, kindness and respect

    This Chakra relates physically to your thymus, throat, mouth, jaw, teeth and neck. If you have a thyroid condition or feel like sometime it has to be your turn, this will be an important week for you!

    Green Heart Chakra
    Blue Throat Chakra

    Week 9:

    SIXTH CHAKRA: Learn to Access Your own Wisdom, Connect with your Guides and Past Lives.


    This Chakra relates physically to your head and brain. If you get headaches or foggy brain, this week will help you greatly.


    Learn to open the window to your inner and higher wisdom.

    Week 10:

    Question and Answer Session and Group Hypnosis

    Experience a Group Hypnosis Session that will be recorded for your future use to clear all the Chakras using the Subconscious and Super conscious minds.

    This is a week of Integration.

    Indigo Third Eye Chakra
    Colourful bands of light

    This 10-week Program is not here to tell you what to do, or do the work for you. This program is designed to guide you back to yourself and help you go within for all of your answers and wisdom. You will learn to:

    • Ground to the Earth and pull that energy into your body
    • Connect to your Divine Source and flow that healing energy down through you
    • Run energy from above to below and below to above
    • Connect to your Heart and Send a Package of Energy to your Spirit Guides for them to share with someone else
    • Cut cords from people, places and things so you more easily maintain your own vibration
    • Find and clear your Wheels of Light or Chakra Energy Centres
    • Understand where your emotions personally reside and learn to shift them at will
    • Use and test several energy clearing techniques so you can determine which ones work for you
    • Raise your vibration so you can feel better, look better, call in more money, feel more satisfied and so much more.

    You are energy, just like everything around you. You're a collection of vibrating particles. Your heart vibrates at one frequency and your liver and big toes at different frequencies.

    When you're in pain, feeling blah, sad, depressed, dissatisfied, you are vibrating lower with a slower frequency. Your particles are bouncing less often.

    When you feel joyful, happy, free, confident, successful, abundant and more, you are vibrating higher with a faster frequency. If more joy, freedom, success, fun, love and an expansive life are your goal, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. You need to shift to a higher vibration and learn to stay there more often.

    You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. It means like attracts like. That means when you resonate and vibrate at a higher vibration and a faster frequency, you attract more high vibe things, people, places and experiences to you. It’s Universal Law!

    What's included?

    A Private Facebook Group to gain lifetime access to the content and connect with others experiencing the Find Your Sun – Energy Healing Made Easy program.


    Weekly Facebook Live calls on Thursday evenings at 7 pm EST to answer your questions and then run energy and clear energy for up-leveling your vibration every single week.



    Posts for each Chakra on Monday mornings based on the Chakra being discussed and cleared that week. You will be able to tap into each item on the list and clear it on your own during the call, prior to the group clearing each week.



    A Group Hypnosis call in Week 10 that you will be able to listen to over and over again to re-program your subconscious mind.

    What's the Investment?

    Early Bird Pricing prior to August 20th at 7 pm EST is one payment of $444 US or $555 CDN by eTransfer.

    Early Bird Pricing prior to August 20th at 7 pm EST is $50 US now and 9 additional WEEKLY payments of $50 - $500 US.

    After August 20th at 7 pm EST, the single payment investment is $697 US.

    After August 20th at 7 pm EST, the payment plan is $75 now and 9 additionaly WEEKLY payments of $75 - $750 US.

    There is NO Money Back Guarantee for this Program.

    If you do the work, you will get the results that your body and energy are ready for.
    If for some reason you don't get ANY results, and you've participated and done the work every week for 10 Weeks, I will give you a FREE 90-minute session with me currently valued at $333 CDN.