Energy Healing Made Easy - POSTPONED until OCTOBER

This 10-Week Live Online Group Program was designed to help you access and release the emotions no longer serving you so you can have more control over your life! Better health, better relationships. more money and a deeper connection to your Intution. It's time for you to become your own healer.

Golden Orange Chakras

The Law of Attraction brings you WHO you ARE. In order to create a different life experience you need to become a new version of yourself. This program was designed to help you do that. 

You will become your own energy healer!

Why Join the 10-Week Energy Healing Made Easy Program?

Red Root Chakra

You'll finally get unstuck

You deserve more than you've been able to achieve. More freedom, more joy, more fun, greater love, a healthier body, and an overflowing bank account.

When your body and energy field are holding onto emotions that no longer serve you, you have trouble creating what you want in your life. You hit resistance everytime and that creates a lot of frustration! You're procrastinating, practicing avoidance, running into road blocks and more.

It's time to access those old emotions trying to keep you safe and let them go!

Orange Sacral Chakra

You'll have WAY more control over who and what comes into your life.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. It means that whatever you're feeling and vibrating in your body and energy field is what's coming back to you like a boomerang. In order to call in new stuff, you have to do the same thing with your body that you do with your closet - you need to clean it out and fill it with better stuff!

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

You'll feel WAY more confident

If you've had trouble sticking up for what you know is right or asking for what is rightfully yours, you need to dig in and access those old emotions  (and fears) and let them go. In order to be in your own place of personal power, your energy needs to be vibrating with self-confidence.

You'll also experiece better digestion and assimilation of nutrients from your food!

Green Heart Chakra

You'll finally be open to receiving and allowing more good stuff in

As soon as you ask for anything, the Universe automatically gives it. What that means if you don't have it yet is two things:

1) You're not currently a vibrational match to what you want. Think of it like listening to the country station and wanting to hear some rap music. You need to change the dial! You need to change your energy to be a match.

2) You have to be a good receiver. If you can't even receive a compliment, how is the Universe going to deliver a Soulmate or a million dollars? 

Blue Throat Chakra

You'll easily speak your truth and attract others who do, too

If you have any issues with your neck, throat, mouth or jaw, you likely have some issues with speaking up. Or maybe you speak too much! In order for your thyroid to function well, and your neck to be flexibe and your mouth and jaw healthy, you need to have an open and easy flow through the Throat Chakra. If you're a terrible communicator, or if you call in terrible communicators in your relationships, this will help you tremendously!

Indigo Third Eye Chakra

You'll have direct access to your Internal Wisdom - your Intuition

Do you wonder how psychics and mediums get their information? They may hear it, see it, smell it, taste it, feel it or know it., but where does it come from? A lot of it comes through the inner wisdom gate or Third Eye Chakra. When you have a clear and open Third Eye, your intution will flow easily and even expand. You'll have daily access to everything you need to create the life you want. Your next and next and next steps will be presented to you with ease.


Violet Crown Chakra

You'll have a steady flow of Divine Source energy keeping you healthy and vibrant.

The health of your body and mind are directly connected to the amount of Divine Source Energy you allow in. You may not mean to cut off your supply, but if your body is not as healthy as you want it to be and your life is not where you want it to be, in some way shape or form you ARE cutting off your Light Source. It's time to open that back up again so you can heal and thrive!

What Past Clients Have Said about Sherri's Work:

I am happy to wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Sherri Simpson to anyone seeking guidance counseling, and feel myself unusually fortunate to have made her professional acquaintance. Sherri Simpson is an exceptionally gifted, empathetic and intuitive counselor, and I count my time with her to be of great and lasting value. Her rare gift of not only careful listening and inquiry but suggestions for seemingly simple exercises brought swift and far-reaching results. With Sherri’s skillful assistance I was able to successfully remove myself from a long-standing place of frustrating inertia into a state of forward/upward movement and emotional clarity, for which I remain exceedingly grateful.

Pamela J. - North Carolina, USA

Lady reading at the beach

I was feeling stressed, stuck and weighed down. I was becoming more stressed with no relief, lack of sleep and my motivation was lost. I couldn't figure out what it was all about. I boooked a sessions with Sherri. We started to really focus on what sensitivities I was having, what relationships were causing an issue, and what was holding me back in my career and life balance. She helped direct me to the root of my issues.

Each item we focused on, discussed what it was and how I could change it, or what tools I could use to remove it. Then we cleared out that negative energy and replaced it with those positive and motivating thoughts.

Some of the session, it surprised me on how some of these negative pains would take a bit to remove from my system.
She gave me the tools to replace the damaging energy with positive and healing energy.

In the end, there was a lightness and a clear direction. Sherri really helped centre me and get me back on track with my goals. 

M.J.- Ontario, Canada

Model wearing a hat covering her eyes

The Energy Healing Made Easy 10-Week Live Online Program is Designed to Turn YOU into Your Own Powerful Energy Healer

Week 1: Learn to Ground, Connect to Divine Source and Run Energy in Both Directions

Week 2: Access your Intuition and Use it to Connect to and Expand your Root Chakra

Week 3: Expand Your Connection to Divine Source Energy and Open Your Crown Chakra

Week 4: Use your Intution to Clear Gunk from Your Sacral Chakra/Hips/Pelvis and Organs of Elimination

Week 5: Tap into Your Power Centre and Expand Your Cofidence

Week 6: Open Your Heart Chakra Allowing You to Give and Receive in Balance

Week 7: A Week of Integration Where We will Flow Energy From Above and Below Connecting the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

Week 8: Tapping into Your Throat and Releasing Old Stuck Energy from any Past Relationships

Week 9: Opening up Your Third Eye as Much as You are Comfortable to Allow Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to Connect and Relate With You

Week 10: A Group Hynosis Session to Clear any Remaining Stagnant and Heavy Energies From Your Subconcious and Energy Field - Celebrating Your Transformation!

The GOAL of this 10-Week Program is for you to confidently access your intution and use it to find and shift energy and emotions that are no longer serving you. Once released, you will call in higher vibrational emotions and energy to allow you to be an energetic match to all the things in life you desire.

*This is a PROCESS. You didn't create relationship, health or money issues over night. In order to experience results, you will need to do some work on your own outside of our Weekly Facebook Live Video Sessions.

**There is NO Money Back Guarantee. If you believe you completed the program to the best of your ability and do not experience any shifts or changes, I will provide a FREE 90-minute Intuitive Guidance Session currently valued at $333 CDN. In order to receive this, you must have watched all of the Videos and been present in the group. Energy Healing works, and it will work for you, too.

The Weekly LIVE calls will happen on Zoom Thursdays at 7 pm EST. The Energy Healing Made Easy Private Facebook Group will allow you to ask questions. I can answer them as text or do Facebook Live Events. You will be emailed the Zoom call recordings so you can watch them again later.

The Facebook Group opens September 1st, 2020 and the first LIVE call is Thursday, September 10th, 2020. Facebook Lives will happen before this call.

Investment Options:

Prior to OCTOBER 24th at 7 pm EST

1) Pay in Full Option $444 US or $555 CDN Paid by eTransfer or by Credit Card


2) A payment of $50 US today, and 9 additional WEEKLY payments of $50 US ($500 US)

BONUS: Sign up before Augsust 23rd at 12 Noon EST and receive TWO 60-minute calls with me during the 10-week program.

After OCTOBER 24th at 7 pm EST

1) Pay in Full Option $697 US or $800 CDN by Credit Card


2) A payment of $70 US today, and 9 additional WEEKLY payments of $70 US ($750 US)

BONUS: Receive 5 Days of Voxer Support to ask me ANYTHING during the 10-week program.
*Voxer is a walkie-talkie type program that allows us to text and send images and voicemail messages.

Golden Orange Chakras

What does the program Interaction look like?

Each Monday there will be a post in the Private Facebook Group explaining that week and what we're working on. These details will also be emailed to you for safe keeping.

Each Thursday at 7 pm EST we will have a Facebook Live event that helps you more clearly understand the energies and clearing techniques in that area of the body. You wil be emailed those details. An energy clearing will happen on the Thursday Live Events. You can choose to accept thoe clearings by saying YES while watching the video or ignore them and come back to them at a later date.

Q and A sessions will happen in weeks SEVEN and TEN to help you integrate the energy shifts up to those points.

The final call will include a Group Hypnosis Session to help you clear the pathways through the Subconscious mind.

Sherri smiling at you

Who is Sherri Simpson?

I'm a psychic, intuitive guide and energy healer. I realized I was psychic while working as a massage therapist. I knew stuff I was never told. I have since trained to read and clear the Akashic Records and read Tarot and Oracle Cards. As a Law of Attraction Coach, I know you and I both create our own reality. Knowing that, I want intuition to be mainstream and for anyone and everyone to know how to confidently shift and up-level their own energy and connect to their own intuition anytime they want.


Investment Options:

Prior to OCTOBER 24th at 7 pm EST

1) Pay in Full Option $444 US or $555 CDN Paid by eTransfer or by Credit Card


2) A payment of $50 US today, and 9 additional WEEKLY payments of $50 US ($500 US)

BONUS: Sign up before Augsust 23rd at 12 Noon EST and receive TWO 60-minute calls with me during the 10-week program.

After OCTOBER 24th at 7 pm EST

1) Pay in Full Option $697 US or $800 CDN by Credit Card


2) A payment of $70 US today, and 9 additional WEEKLY payments of $70 US ($750 US)

BONUS: Receive 5 Days of Voxer Support to ask me ANYTHING during the 10-week program.

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