Higher Self Healing

Do you feel truly at home in your body? Are you on track to reach your wellness goals?

Your Higher Self is a valuable tool. If you’re not connected to him/her, then it’s time to build a relationship.

Once you trust him/her, you can receive wisdom about ANYTHING.

If you’re already connected, then I desire to teach you how to use the wisdom of your Higher Self to get to the ROOT CAUSE of ANY issue, challenge or condition.

I use my connection to find lost items, so I don’t get lost in the forest or traveling, and when ANYTHING is going on in my life (or with my body) that I have questions or concerns about.

I’ve created this beautiful and relatively simple technique that can guide you to revealing the ROOT CAUSE, even if it’s not yours, came from a past life or was carried forward from your Ancestors.

When you reveal it, you need to release it on ALL LEVELS, and then fill that space with something new that is of a Higher Vibration.

This technique can be learned on your own, but is more powerful when I am able to call in your Guide Team, my Guide Team and the Council of Light to help you, plus some of the Archangels when needed.

What does this series look like?

You will receive a series of SIX 1-hour sessions to help you:

*Connect with, trust and Build a Relationship with your Higher Self
*Heal what’s going on with your Body and Heart
*Call in your True Desires, not the desires you think you should have.

When you purchase this offer, you will book an initial 30-minute call that will allow us to discuss:
1) Where you are NOW
2) Where you desire to BE by the end of the 2 months together (THREE calls each month for TWO months)
3) Map out a schedule for your sessions.

*This offer includes Text/Email/Messenger support from me over the entire two months. When issues come up, I will be only a message away to help you.
**The sessions are priced in Canadian Dollars.

You can register for this 60-Day Higher Self Healing Series here:

As a BONUS, you will received the 40-minute video where I explain the techniques. You will be able to download that and keep a copy for yourself. It’s something you can go back to over and over again.

AND, a 30-minute pre-recorded personal video session of your choice:
1) A Psychic Card Reading
2) A distance Chakra Balancing session
3) A mini Akashic Record Reading

Health and Vitality are your birthrights. Let me help you call them in!


Higher Self Healing is Spectacular