Now is the time for you to step into your power, letting your woo-woo magical gifts guide you to your freedom-filled, abundant future by leaving your past life and ancestral karma behind and letting your Future Self show you the way.


It’s time to THRIVE.
You already have the power within you.

Does this sound like you?

You want autonomy. You want to be free. To be self-sufficient.

You want to be the Queen of manifesting. You want it to feel easy and effortless to create the things and experiences that you desire.

You want to feel independent and in control of your life.

You want to feel as though you’re enjoying your journey through life. As though you’re on the right path and living your purpose.

You want to confidently make a difference in this world and feel that you’re making the impact you’re here to make.

You want to confidently choose the right relationships for you.

You want to find a place, a group or a community where you fit it. Where you belong. Or maybe create one.

You want to feel courageous.

You desire to feel seen, heard and accepted for who you really are.

You want to shine brightly.

You want to make your own money and never have to worry about money again, so you can take care of your people and travel more.

But, this is how you feel now:

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You never feel as though you are ever doing enough. 

You want to live your purpose full out, but you can’t seem to get clear around what that actually is.

You let yourself get stuck in old stories that you can’t shake yourself out of. 

You feel that you’re no where near perfect, and you have a need to be, and you have SO much to fix about yourself in order to be ready.

You feel like you’re failing at life. You’re floundering. And you really hate that feeling.

You know you’re spiritually awake now, and you just don’t seem to fit in anywhere. Your friends and family don’t get you, but you don’t fit in with the spiritual gurus either.

You have moments when you are very calm and peaceful, but then you get thrown back into your body and all the stresses of your human life and you feel overwhelmed all over again.

You feel as though you’re here in this physical body to do big things, to make a huge impact in the world, and that until you figure that out, you’re wasting your life.

Your biggest fear is that you get to the end of your life and never make the impact that you’re here to make.

You’re a deep thinker. You get stuck in your thoughts. Then they control you. And you hate that feeling of being out of control.

You can get so stuck in anxiety and worry. You tend to ride it like a train. 

Then you don’t take the action that you know you should be taking. And then you ‘should’ yourself and feel worse.

You know you’re powerful, but you hide that power. You’re scared of it. And you’re certain it will scare other people.

There are days that you wish you could go back to before your spiritual awakening. Being awake and having spiritual gifts feels like a heavy burden. It’s a lot of responsibility. You knew your path before your awakening, and now you’re unsure.

You have an awareness of this responsibility, and also that your beliefs, the ones that keep you from your purpose, were carried down through generations, and also carried forward through your past lives. The lives where you and those like you were drowned, burned at the stake, pressed, rejected, abandoned and more. You carry these wounds. 

You’re used to catering to other people’s needs. You feel obligated to put yourself last and feel guilty when you put yourself first.

You want people to like you.

You likely have thyroid or throat issues and struggle to be seen and heard by the right people. By your people. The ones you know you’re being called to help.

You struggle to focus and choose your direction. You’ve been convincing yourself that what you want to do, your passion and purpose, it just won’t work. It wasn’t meant for you. But on the other hand, you feel a sense of urgency to move into your purpose.

You struggle in relationships. You want your independence. You want relationships to feel easier, more satisfying. Right now, you’re either single or feeling as though you’re single in your relationship.

You want to have your own money, way more than you need. You want to make a difference, a powerful difference in the world. You want to feel self sufficient. Independent. In control. You want true FREEDOM.

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Future Progression Session

Your Future Self, through the wisdom of your Higher Self, already knows EXACTLY how to help you reach your next desire.

You job is to access the path that your Future Self is ready to share.

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LOA Monthly Membership

The Law of Attraction works 24-7 for everyone everywhere. You can’t escape it.

It’s time to learn how to leverage the Law of Attraction and create more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want!

You manifest based on who you ARE and also what you DO.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions all create the life you live.

When you allow yourself to work through and resistance, fears and limiting beliefs preventing the life you desire, you thrive.

This paid Monthly Membership exists in a private Facebook Group.

This group is designed to help you manifest something new each month, or to take small steps towards a bigger goal each month.

Throughout the month, you will have access to Live and pre-recorded videos and/or audios, PDFS with techniques and journal prompts, Card Readings just for this group and more. You direct what is shared based on what you need and struggle with.

You’ll learn more about your Human Design and how to leverage it to manifest.

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The LOA Monthly Membership

Read My Story

Which one is your path to a far wealthier and more impactful you?

You can work with me in THREE ways. Which one serves you the best?

Meet Sherri Simpson

Intuitive Guide & Karmic Healer

Sherri Simpson

I’m excited that you’re here. 

The biggest thing that kept me stuck in life and business was not feeling worthy, safe and deserving of what I truly desired.

I felt really uncomfortable asking for and receiving more money and more love. It’s a muscle that you need to build.

I want you to feel so confident in yourself that you can reach your goals with minimal effort in record time. And if you don’t, it doesn’t shake you.

You create your desires based on how you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.

In order to make massive shifts in your life, you need to make massive shifts in your thoughts, beliefs and feelings and release what’s stopping those massive shifts. And from that place, take aligned actions.

That means catching how you feel and taking that one step backwards to what you were thinking.

It means re-programming your subconscious mind and also clearing any other blocks that may reside in your energy field from past lives and in your DNA from your ancestors.

I’m here to guide you through this transition into your most successful, worthy and abundant self. I’m here to help you know yourself more deeply, so you can help your clients more deeply and truly live your purpose.

I look forward to helping you soar!

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