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I desire to help you as quickly and easily as possible. If you have NO IDEA how, but you believe that you can get to the Root Cause of your current situation or issue in 1-3 sessions (I know you can), then you have a couple of options.

1) Hypnosis for Healing
Hypnosis is a tool that brings you into your subconscious mind where the Root Cause of your healing is revealed BY YOU as I guide you. Once revealed, we shatter the old beliefs and call in new ones while your mind is open to suggestions.
**These sessions can be done alone, but can create far better transformations when combined with Coaching over a 30, 60 or 90-day period. Book your Hypnosis for Healing with me here:

Not everyone wants to heal quickly. But that’s because we’re programmed to believe that change is difficult, hard or challenging and that it will take a long time.┬áThis is NOT true. It’s only true if you believe it to be so. Can you change that belief?

2) Soul Healing in the Akashic Record
Your Soul has reincarnated many times. Karma is created that can be carried forward.
Learn who you are at Soul Level, how you uniquely manifest based on your own Manifesting Blueprint, and heal old karma.
**These sessions require me to pull information ahead of time for you from your Akashic Record. I send you a detailed PDF and then we have a 60-minute call to discuss the details. I require your birth information for these readings:
*Full Name at Birth
*City and Country of Birth
*Month, Day and Year of Birth
Book your Soul Healing with me here:

3) Coaching & Psychic Card Readings
I discovered I was psychic while working as a Massage Therapist. I am skilled at connecting with your Spirit Guides and Reading and Clearing Energy.
**These sessions are FAR MORE than just a card reading.
Book your Coaching/Psychic Reading with me here:

4) Supporting you with Natural and Organic Household Products
Your home can be filled with natural and healthy products or those that are toxic and contain harmful chemicals. If you’re ready to remove damaging chemicals from your home, connect with me for:
*Natural cleaning products
*Natural personal hygiene products
*Soaps, shampoo, detergents
*Vitamins & protein powder
*Organic coffee & Tea
*And more

**There is an opportunity to purchase products, and possibly to share these natural products to create an income.
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What does a Transformation Session with Sherri look like?

  1. A Zoom video call (a free program similar to Skype that allows me to create a recording for you) where I ask you questions about what you desire (if I were to tap you with a magic wand) and what is NOT currently serving you about your health, wealth, career, relationships, fears and other emotions, etc.
  2. A deeply transformational and healing experience.
  3. Homework and suggestions for you to take into your life.

If you desire to learn more about hypnosis, read this blog post:

*I healed an auto-immune disease, leaky gut, insomnia, chronic headaches, insane sugar cravings and more. I wish I’d had access to the techniques I share back then. I believe my healing journey would’ve been MUCH shorter. It took me about 3 years to overcome my own symptoms and patterns.

You can heal MUCH faster.

Let’s get you creating the life you desire right now.

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