Reclaim Your Power

I believe that wisdom IS power. In order for you to receive wisdom, you need to connect in with who you REALLY are, and then ACT on that wisdom.

Many of us have a tendency to trust what other people tell us more so than relying on our own hearts and intuition. 

When doing this over and over again, we stop trusting ourselves and even disconnect from ourselves. We feel out of control and as though we NEED other people to make decisions for us, to tell us what to do.

I know how this feels. I even do it now sometimes, even though I have built a fabulous connection with my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides. It’s a process. A process that you can choose to start right now.

You don’t ‘have to’ act on any of the wisdom you receive from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides or others, because you have Free Will.

You get to choose.

When YOU decide for yourself, based on your gut, your heart and your intuition, YOU are reclaiming your power. Once you DECIDE, you must follow through by acting on the guidance and synchronicities you receive.

If you’re ready to reclaim your power, and to take control of your life, and expand your intuition so you TRUST it without a doubt, you’re in the right place.

How can I help you?

What are the Akashic Records?

They are your Book of Life or Soul Book. Your Record contains ALL the information about your Soul from every lifetime you’ve had since your soul’s origination. For some of us that’s a LONG time. It’s a lot of love, wealth, trauma, relationships and more.

Learning Who You Are at Soul Level can be extremely healing. A Reading can tell you about the innate gifts that you have and your qualities and characteristics.

If you have strayed from who you were created as at Soul Level, you may not resonate with the information. This happens very rarely with my clients, but has happened a few times. Being in alignment with who you are at Soul Level really triggers your ability to be your BEST self and how to manifest more quickly and easily, and live more on purpose.

You were created a certain way, and therefore you are meant to create that way. You also have your own unique Manifestation Blueprint that can be used as a Map to manifest ALL the things you want quickly and easily.

Your Akashic Record also contains information about your partner, children, family, and more. A Relationship Reading (or a Family Reading) is a great way to learn who you AND your partner or child are, and what relationships you’ve had in past lives.

The information about your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides is available in your Akashic Record. I can have a session with you where we call forward your Team so you know who they are and what they are here to help you with. (Some of us have Angels rather than Guides.)

Situation Readings are a valuable tool to heal old karma and understand how things in your life are connected and have been keeping you stuck. Clients pass along about 15 different ‘things’ in a list. They can be anything from: leaky basements, loss of job, anger at kids, holes in socks, etc. It’s amazing how these repeating ‘normal things’ can be connected to our past and released through a Reading.

A Past Life Session is a valuable way to experience 3-4 past lives (for healing or experiencing love and wealth) to understand more about your current life and circumstances.

You may be wondering HOW the past lives and information is chosen? If you have 100’s of past lives, how does one get chosen over another?

Only the past lives that are relevant to THIS life are revealed. Learning ALL past lives would be very overwhelming and would NOT serve you.

My approach to the Akashic Records is to share WHO you are, HOW you manifest, and HOW you can HEAL, ascend spiritually and get into alignment with your PURPOSE using this wisdom.

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Psychic Card Readings

I believe that everyone is intuitive and many are psychic. I do Card Readings for people to ‘forecast the future’ but what I’m really reading is the energy of the situation. I connect to my Guide Team and call in your Guide Team with the help of my Conduit Guide, Jakob. Then I pull cards based on your questions or based on the month if it’s a Birthday or New Year Ahead Forecast.

The wisdom that comes through a Psychic Card Reading is about how you have been thinking, feeling and making decisions up until now. Your future is created based on those things. What I share is NOT gospel because you have Free Will. That means if you LOVE what you hear in a Reading, you can act on it eagerly. If you don’t, then you can think new thoughts, feel different emotions, and take new actions to create a totally different outcome. Wisdom is power.

The Psychic Card Readings are great as gifts. I can do them over a Live Zoom video call with you (or within your own Private Facebook group where you can watch Live), or I can do a pre-recorded video for you. (A separate audio file is also created so you could listen instead if you prefer.)

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**If you desire it to be a gift, or you want a pre-recorded video rather than Live, book any time and let me know that by email.

Medical Intuition and Chakra Clearing and Balancing

I healed an Auto-Immune Disease of the Thyroid called Graves Disease. Most people think auto-immune conditions are a life sentence. They are NOT. I can tap into you during a session and share all I find about what is going on with your body.

During this session, I also teach you how to connect to your Higher Self and how to use the responses that you get to heal anything stuck in your mental and emotional energy bodies, using the Chakras as a guide. We work through all of the 7 Main Chakras each session. This creates healing physically.

This can be a VERY transformational session.

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I also do Hypnosis, the Marisa Peer Method of Rapid Transformationl Therapy. If you desire to learn more about that, and how your subconscious mind can help you reveal what’s been keeping you stuck to overcome feasrs, phobias, addictions, health issues and more, find the information here:

The power of the Universe is within you. As within, so without.