Why Sherri


  1. Feeling heard.
    I’m Sherri Simpson, an amazing listener. I’ve practiced this technique since I was very young, back in the stages when I thought I must be seen, but not heard. Do you feel heard?
    *I’ll do all I can to allow you to feel heard (and to help you hear yourself).
  2. Connection to your Higher Self.
    I believe that we’re infinite beings, Souls, living in these human bodies for a spell. We have unique physical experiences that allow us to do some pretty darn cool things. Our egoic or subconscious selves really and truly want to keep us safe. However, for many this can look like a boring life where we feel stuck, ill and unfulfilled. You can build a deep and intimate relationship with your Higher Self (your Soul) and ask your Human and Higher Selves to work as a team.
    *I can teach you how, and to trust the guidance you receive.
  3. Healing your Birth Story.
    You were ‘imprinted’ at your birth based on the experience that you had. This is referred to as your ‘Birth Story’. If your story involved you being: unwanted, unplanned, illegitimate, too early, too late, breech, adopted, or if you were induced, delivered by Cesarean section, or if your Mom was given drugs (an epidural or pain medication), then you have carried those feelings, that experience, with you for your entire life.
    *I can help you reveal, heal and re-program that old story.
  4. Healing childhood trauma.
    Not everyone had a perfect childhood. Did you? I don’t feel like there was anything ‘wrong’ with how I grew up, but I can recall a handful of instances where I felt I was ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘not worthy’, or when I disappointed others or felt like a huge disappointment. This played out for me in a past fear of authority, people pleasing and a fear of disappointing others (which can lead to a ‘lack of clarity’ or indecision). If you have past experiences from childhood, they’re likely still ‘playing out’ in your adult relationships.
    *I can help you heal these inner children so you can re-program the old, and re-create your new.
  5. Psychic skills and a knack for reading energy.
    I realized I was psychic while working as a massage therapist. I’m now skilled at reading the energy of my clients (and feeling things in my body) and knowing where or how they’re acting against who they are. Acting against your own Divinity can create dysfunction, disharmony and imbalances.
    *I’m skilled at offering guidance and suggestions for healing such issues.
  6. New information and tools.
    I LOVE to learn. I read new books or take new workshops and courses almost weekly. AND, I love to share and teach what I feel has value to my community. I love Astrology, Numerology, the Akashic Records, the Universal Laws, Human Design, the Chakras, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Energy Healing and more!

What I desire to help you with:

  • healing any patterns keeping you stuck
  • releasing any fears or phobias
  • healing your body
  • healing your thoughts
  • releasing addictions
  • clearing up skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and shingles
  • healing unworthiness, undeservingness, feeling unlovable and not enough
  • and so much more.

Are you capable of doing all of the above on your own?
Of course you can! But, I know when I have a mentor keeping me on track, I achieve results more quickly and easily.

The Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Method my Marisa Peer that I’m learning is EXTREMELY powerful. It can heal all kinds of issues in 1-3 sessions.

*If I resonate with you, and you’re ready to take the next step, please book a Transformation Session with me here: http://Sherri.as.me

These session are EXTREMELY valuable. I not only offer them but have had several sessions myself. They are worth the time and investment.

Once you are on your path to healing, I can help you connect more deeply with your spiritual and psychic side.

Other cool things I desire to share with you:

  • who your Spirit Team is
  • what Archangels to call in for guidance
  • how to build a stronger relationship with your Higher Self
  • what clairs (psychic gifts) are dominant for you and how to expand them
  • calling on past lives and your ancestry as they relate to this life
  • how to balance your Chakras
  • how to run energy
  • how to raise your vibration so you attract things that resonate higher
  • who you are at Soul Level
  • how you are meant to Create and Manifest based on your unique Blueprint
  • tips for clearing old patterns of thoughts, beliefs and habits
  • journaling, visualization and meditation techniques to help create more clarity and focus
  • yoga postures for your Chakras to help you create more flow
  • what foods to eat and not eat for your Highest Good
  • and so much more

Strike up a conversation with me or ask any questions on Facebook http://fb.me/msg/sherri.simpson or

email me: sherri@sherrisimpson.com