What is it that you REALLY want but have not achieved yet?

You create your HEALTH the same way you create EVERYTHING in your life. Not by pushing and forcing, that’s OLD 3D thinking. You create your EPIC HEALTH by shifting your thoughts, your energy and then waiting for the Intuitive *HITS* to take aligned actions. Taking actions that are not aligned with your end goal are a waste of your precious time and energy.

It’s okay if you’re the type of person who just wants your little piece of the pie. But just so you know, I want WAY more for you because you’ll never ever take anything away from anyone else. The Universe’s job is to expand so you can have what you want, and for there always to be more than enough for everyone who wants more. If a TON of money is what your heart desires, know what you want to DO with all that cash and align to having WAY more.

Your relationship with your SELF and your SOURCE are the ONLY relationships you need to be working on. When you do that, and you’re aligned with really good energy, open communication and FUN, you will have exactly the relationships you want. Start with YOU.

You’ve probably heard that you can have whatever you want. That what you ASK for is GIVEN. Feel like a bit of BS? It’s not. Everything starts ENERGETICALLY. If you want something, you just need to turn your personal energetic radio dial to the new station and MATCH the energy of the outcome. Decide what you want, how you will benefit from it and what it FEELS like.

Then you NEED me because you are missing out on A LOT of life. You’re here to ask AND receive. Continuously. Until you leave this magical planet and move along to your next assignment, wherever that is.