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What will open you up to more happiness?

If you have no idea, you’re not alone! Many women don’t have a clue what would make them happy anymore. Life got busy and their own needs and desires were replaced with those of their partners, parents, children, pets, work and more.

Take a few deep breaths, and shake the energy of the day off by kicking your legs and swinging your arms. You can even wipe the energy off your arms and legs like you’re brushing off crumbs. Start from the shoulder/thigh and brush down towards the hands/feet.

Now close your eyes, and go within. Find your heart or your gut or wherever your Inner Woman/Inner Guide resides. For me, it’s around my solar plexus, just under my breasts. Breathe into and out of that spot.

Then ask: What is the next area of my life I can focus on to allow in more happiness?

If it’s your HEALTH, then you want to ask for more specifics. For some women, it’s about balancing hormones or detoxing their diet or relationships. For some it’s about releasing sugar, gluten or other common allergens from the diet, increasing protein or increasing water intake. For others it’s moving the body a few more times a week.

Ask: Specifically, changing what area of my HEALTH/WELLNESS will create more happiness for me?

You create your HEALTH the same way you create EVERYTHING in your life. Through your beliefs which trigger your repeating thoughts, which trigger your feelings, which dictate your actions or inactions.

Check in with yourself and see if there’s a lot of RESISTANCE around changing this specific aspect of your HEALTH/WELLNESS. If there is, it’s time to change some old beliefs and old thought patterns first, then the new habit will be easier to begin and maintain.

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Is it increasing the MONEY you attract?

It’s okay if you’re the type of person who just wants your little piece of the pie. But just so you know, I want WAY more for you because you’ll never ever take anything away from anyone else.

The Universe’s job is to expand so you can have what you want, and for there always to be more than enough for everyone who wants more. If a TON of money is what your heart desires, or even a little bit more, know what you want to DO with the extra. Money likes to have a place to go. Also, align to having WAY more.

How do you align to that???

Start by being grateful for every penny that comes in, even the dimes you find on the ground.

Next, see abundance everywhere. See it in the houses and cars in your area. See it in all the different kinds of bread available at the grocery store. See more than enough everywhere, and practice that by silently chanting: I always have more than enough. And when you see other people around you at the gas station or grocery store also chant: They always have more than enough. We all always have more than enough.

If you do this silent chanting, I’d love to hear about the changes it brings about. You can find me on FB Messenger here.

You can also play Abraham Hick’s Money Game by carrying a $50 or $100 bill around with you and pretending to spend it over and over again.

Say: I can afford that. I have the money for that. Of course I can afford it! 

The Money Game is important if any of these old outdated mantras are currently ingrained in your brain:

“I never have enough.”;  “I can’t afford that.”; “I’m not enough.”; “I have have enough.”; “Why does everyone else have money and I don’t?!”

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Your relationship with your SELF and your SOURCE are the ONLY relationships you need to be working on. I KNOW you might not want to hear that, but it’s the honest truth. When you do that, and you’re aligned with really good energy, open communication and FUN, you will have exactly the relationships you want. Start with YOU.

If you need help sorting through WHY you keep calling in a certain type of person, and clearing out some old energy, book a single 1-hour session here.

You’ve probably heard that you can have whatever you want. That what you ASK for is GIVEN. Feel like a bit of BS? I get it. I used to think it was all hogwash, too. It’s not.

Everything starts ENERGETICALLY.

Once you ask, the thing you want immediately becomes available out in the ethers. It doesn’t immediately land in your lap because first, you need to become an energetic match to it.

The energy of wanting something and the energy of having it are not the same!

If you want something, your job is to BE that energy first. You’re a human-sized attraction magnet.

Do a quick assessment of what your personal energetic radio dial is set to right now. Are you calling in snarky people? Debt? Takers? Flat tires? Other not-so-nice-stuff? You might be able to label that energy with a FEELING, but it isn’t necessary. All you need to know is that you want to move away from that, and towards something else.

What’s the FEELING of the new energetic radio station you desire to be a perfect MATCH to? Is it HAPPINESS? FUN? EXPANSION? BLISS? Label it with ONE emotion. 

What does that DREAM VACATION feel like?

Go look up some pictures. Make a Pinterest board or save images to an Album on your phone.

Each time you flip through them, and I recommend you do it at least a few times a day, what is the FEELING that comes up?
THAT is the energy of the outcome. I would write it down and take a picture of the word that represents the feeling, or find that word online and take a screen capture of it. Add it to your album or Pinterest board.

Close your eyes randomly through the day and experience THAT feeling. Feel the feeling, let it expand within you and seep outside of your energy field.

You can try the magnetic coil technique here. Imagine that a magnetic coil sits within your energetic center. Infuse that coil with the energy of your EPCI VACATION. See that coil begin to expand and leave your body, getting bigger and bigger as it goes up and out. You’re asking the Universe to deliver this. Imagine it’s like a boomerang and the likeness of it will be returned to you in due time.

Think of other ways you can continue to experience this ONE FEELING. Make a list of things in your life you could do that allow you to experience it. Do those things regularly!

Next? Start looking for flights! You might not be able to afford to *actually* buy the ticket yet. If you’re determined to go, and you live in the FEELING more frequently, the Universe WILL make it happen for you. Keep the faith.

If you’d love more ideas or some help getting into the FEELING place, or releasing resistance/negative self talk about being able to actually afford this trip, please book a single 1-hour session with me using this PayPal link.

Then you NEED to see me for at least a single session because you’re missing out on A LOT of life.

You’re here on this planet at this time, to ask AND receive. Continuously.

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