I understand if you don’t believe that.

When I had chronic headaches, insomnia, Candida, leaky gut, issues with excessive sweating, anxiety, depression AND an auto-immune disease (Graves’ Disease) of the thyroid, I hated my life. I didn’t feel worthy, or deserving and I didn’t feel like I could do anything good enough.

I didn’t know how I got there and had NO idea how I was going to heal.

I also carried extra weight that I detested and I KNEW how to ‘take the weight off’ but I just couldn’t seem to do it!

But I did. I healed it all.

I’ve spent the last several years learning how to help others heal. If I could heal myself, you can heal yourself, too.

See below how I’ve helped some of my clients heal and transform.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my clients have said:

“Thank you Sherri Simpson for the absolutely incredible guidance and coaching you have provided me over the past five months. 

It has incredibly changed and transformed all areas of my life. I have clarity in knowing who I am, where I want to go and how to get here. 
Thank you for always being there.”

Debbie Abraham, Vancouver, British Columbia

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“I can’t believe I waited so long to book a phone session with Sherri Simpson!

She helped me release the headache I’ve had within minutes of talking to her and she gave me exercises and strategies to use when I’m feeling lonely, stressed, disconnected and unloved.

I’ll be connecting with her on a regular basis from the comfort of my own home, moving “mountains” that I didn’t even realize I’ve built and maintained with my way of thinking. I wish I had done this sooner! Thank you, Sherri Simpson. 

After the session, I’m seeing very clearly on little to no sleep and lots of good work today! I received some information last night that would have affected me negatively in the past but it barely made me flinch! I am blown away with the results!

I understood things today that I didn’t even know I was trying to figure out over the last few years but all of a sudden I just had the information!

I cannot thank Sherri enough!”

Kimberly Pece, Brampton, Ontario.

The beautiful and brilliant Kimberly Pece wearing a red shirt is smiling at you!

“Sherri, is kind, warm, wonderful, and super fun! 

I felt very comfortable with her immediately, I could open up and share some very intimate details with her,  it was as if I knew her for a long time.   

The work we did wasn’t anything like I thought it would be.   

We went into my past and released some issues that weren’t serving me any longer.  I learned lots of things about myself and I now see connections I couldn’t before.  

I felt lighter emotionally and physically and much happier after the session.

I continue to feel good about myself and look forward to each new day. 

Do yourself a favour and book time with Sherri!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so grateful to you. 


Donna Warren”

Donna Warren, London,Ontario

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“I just had the most amazing Transformation session with Sherri Simpson. She is easy to work with and warm hearted. Through my session, Sherri confirmed a dream I had as it was a part of a past life experience.

It was amazing to tap into my past and release the history that no longer serves my higher purpose. It was also exciting to see how I lived in my past life. I was able to see myself at age 5 or 6, early twenties and an experience I had with my very first Personal Training client.

I have worked with many healers since 2006, and I would place Sherri on the top five of my list. Each healer has helped me transform into the Healer I am today.

With the tools Sherri Simpson has shown me during my session, I will continue to transform and step deeper into my Purpose and know I am living in financial abundance. I highly recommend Sherri Simpson for a Transformation session.”

Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colon, 11/28/2018, New York

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“From the moment I met Sherri, I knew she was something special. Her warmth and genuine “realness,” (is that a word? LOL), and lack of judgement was obvious, which is extremely important to me. I immediately knew I could trust her, be open, honest, and vulnerable with her. 

Later, when I started working with her for Spiritual Guiding, teaching, and counselling, I was absolutely blown away! My first reading received was an Akashic Reading. I had never received one of these, or even heard of them before Sherri. I didn’t know what to expect, and at best it would be “interesting,” and “fun.” Oh My Gosh – it was WAY more than that! Yes, it was fun and interesting to receive – but it was absolutely life changing! At one point, I had to stop listening to Part 1 of my reading, as I was so blown away by the accuracy and information she was stating that I had not told her. This two part reading is something that you will go back to time and time again, and hear what you need to each time. They are lengthy, packed full of guidance and information that often just makes things “click!” I can’t recommend this reading enough!

Since that time, I have reached out to Sherri on a number of occasions for readings and insights into situational events in my life. She has “cleared,” old energy, and although I don’t logically understand, I absolutely have noticed that I no longer worry or ruminate over issues that I had for years. Not only has Sherri provided me with valuable guidance, she is currently teaching me how to interpret, and receive my own messages and listen to my own intuition.

I feel honoured to have watched Sherri grow within her own Spiritual practice, as she lovingly encourages those with whom she works to do the same. Sherri is the REAL DEAL! I highly recommend her for whatever issue brings you to her.”

Jennifer McKenney, PEI, Canada
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“I am happy to wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Sherri Simpson to anyone seeking guidance counseling, and feel myself unusually fortunate to have made her professional acquaintance. Sherri Simpson is an exceptionally gifted, empathetic and intuitive counselor, and I count my time with her to be of great and lasting value. Her rare gift of not only careful listening and inquiry but suggestions for seemingly simple exercises brought swift and far-reaching results. With Sherri’s skillful assistance I was able to successfully remove myself from a long-standing place of frustrating inertia into a state of forward/upward movement and emotional clarity, for which I remain exceedingly grateful.”

Pamela Johnston, North Carolina, USA

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“Sherri’s reading was the result of Divine timing. The precious information it contained was what I needed to know. I was having doubts, and she gave me confirmation of what I had almost forgotten. She rekindled my faith and motivation in a project that is bigger than me, and I like to think of her reading as part of this beautiful journey.”

A. Ina

“Sherri’s Akashic Record reading was fantastic. I learned several things about myself that helped me understand my life path and purpose more fully. She was even able to give me insight into what past lives are influencing this life the most! Sherri is also an incredible human being, bringing a special light and gentleness to her work. I highly recommend her!”

Kate Patchett, Intuitive Coach, New York, USA

This is Fantastical Kate.

Transformation can be yours.

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