Your Spirit Guides

You have a TEAM of helpers who are assigned just to you. Your Spirit Guides have chosen to work with YOU and help you during this incarnation.

You have the ability right now to connect with your Guides daily.

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Your Spirit Guides are Souls who have been to Earth and reincarnated here in their past. Usually. They are Souls who have done their own Spiritual Development, and they have chosen to sign on to help you with your Development.

They are available to provide you with information and guidance. But, you must be calm and relaxed or aware enough to See/Feel/Hear/Know the guidance.

Think of your Guides as loving Beings who have a unique higher perspective around your life and your path and purpose.

Your Inner Circle of Guides are solely assigned to you. Your Outer Circle of Guides have more than one human they are helping.

Your Inner Circle of Guides are here to help you along your human journey in this life. You normally have 4-6 of them, but you could have more. I have 7.

Your Guides are here to help you with your own unique Self Expression. They are helping you live your authentic life. They are there to serve you, while they serve their own divine needs as Guides.

Your Inner Circle of Guides is with you ALL the time. They are your ‘hired’ spiritual help. I recommend that you learn who they are and begin to speak to them.

Your Guides hear your desires and intentions and help you replicate that energy out to the Universe to bring it back to you.

Your Higher Self is the Being who actually hired your Spirit Guide team in this incarnation. You don’t want to micro manage this group, or give them jobs. They know what they need to do. They take your Highest Good into account.

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Your Spirit Team actually evolves as you do. When you raise your vibration (spiritually or energetically speaking, if you’re reading this, you are likely vibrating above 5.0), you can actually surpass the vibration or your Guides. In this case, one or more of your Guides are released and higher vibrating Guides are called in.

This happened to me. I lost a lower vibrating Guide when I was in Andorra last year and called in Mother Mary to fill that place.

You are here to create YOUR OWN reality. Your Guides are helping you do that.

Your initial or primary guide has been with you since Birth and will be at your side until you leave this life.

Your next Guide often comes in between ages 4 and 6. Your third Guide enters your Team around age 8 to 10. Your fourth Guide comes in around age 13 to 15 and you can call in a fifth around age 18 to 20, if they are needed.

As your intellectual and spiritual self grows, you have more choices and options, so you call in Guides to help you with those choices.Your Spirit Team is usually complete by the time you reach 25.

Sometimes we call in Temporary Guides that are meant to help us overcome some trauma or challenge. These are referred to as Negative Guides as the situation they are supporting us with is not easy, light or fun.

**When I come across these Negative Guides in an Akashic Record Reading, I clear them as after the even or situation is complete, they are no longer needed. Read more about Soul Realignment Sessions here:

You also call in Special Assignment Guides when you need help with a big goal, like writing a Book, overcoming an illness or starting or expanding a Business. Your Higher Self ‘hires’ them to help.

Your Guides are not around to tell you about other people. They are there for you. They are not around to tell you what to do, as that would take away your Free Will. They are there for Guidance.

You are solely responsible for your own choices and actions.

It’s important for you to be CLEAR about your intentions and desires, as your Guides help you with them. They do not judge, and so they act on your energy. If your energy or intentions are negative or dis-empowering, they simply follow that energy, as long is it will not harm you or others, because it is your will.

Your Guidance is received based on what you DO want, rather than what you don’t. It’s really important to clearly focus on what you desire. If you have a long list of things you don’t want, use the Clarity Through Contrast Process to get clear on what you DO want. You can watch this video on YouTube to understand the process, and use this DOCUMENT to create your own Clarity Through Contrast List.

If you’re interested in learning WHO your Spirit Team is, and how to connect with them, join the Spiritual Connections 90-Day Program. Read more here:

Your Outer Circle of Guides are quite a bit different. They have specific Roles they play. They are ‘hired’ by more than 1 Soul and are BUSY.

You have one of each of the following:

  1. Your Chief Guide: who coordinates the entire Inner and Outer Circle of Guides.
  2. Your Gatekeeper: who opens wisdom up to you based on specific timing.
  3. Your Timing Guide: who works together with Your Gatekeeper to line up synchronicites.
  4. Your Karmic Technician: who helps you resolve issues and unfinished business from this life and past lives. This Technician may have connected you to me for a Past Life Regression Session, or a Life Situation Reading in the Akashic Records so that you could learn what was blocking you and help you release things in the future.
  5. Your Creative Guide: who helps you leverage your own talents and skills and leads you to people and opportunities where you are meant to Create.
  6. Your Guardian: who is essentially your body guard. You don’t want to interfere with them, they are keeping you safe and alive.
  7. Your Astral Guide: who is your travel companion while you are traveling through different astrals in your sleep or deep meditation time.

**This information is from the Soul Realignment Training I took with Andrea Hess. It is powerful work.

When I work with you to help you connect with your Guides (or you can ask on your own if you have the tools to do so) I ask:

  1. Do you resonate as Male, Female or Androgynous?
  2. Where are you from? Where did your Soul originate?
  3. What is your Primary Energy Centre? (This is important information for you to understand about yourself and your Guides.)
  4. Do you have a name?
  5. What is your appearance?
  6. What role are you playing within the Inner Circle? How are you helping?
  7. How do I know (or does my client know) that you are present? Is there an impulse, a song, a feeling, a memory or something else that indicates your presence?
  8. Do you have any specific messages or wisdom to share?

Your Outer Circle is so busy doing their jobs that it makes FAR more sense to connect with your Inner Circle, though wisdom from your Creative Guide can be beneficial.

If you’re interested in learning more about your Spirit Guides, you can connect with me for a Soul Realignment session (over about one month) or join us for the 90-Day Spiritual Connection program. Learn more here:

May you connect with your Guides daily and receive all the support you need.


Sherri. :O)