Overcome Signs and Symptoms

The illness, condition or diagnosis you or your loved ones are given is just a LABEL.

If you truly want to heal your body, you need to make a list of each sign (the things you can see) and symptom (the things you can feel) and start healing those one by one.

Yes, that can be a long and onerous process.

Would you rather keep the illness, condition or disease forever?

It’s true that healing all signs and symptoms may not 100% heal whatever the issue is. However, it will take you FAR closer to a balanced and symbiotic state than you are now.

To me, healing means: freedom, joy, love, ease, peacefulness, excitement, satisfaction and more.

What does healing mean to you?

What would life look like if you were 50%, 75% or 95% healthier than right now?

If you’re ready for some help with healing whatever is troubling you, physically, mentally or emotionally, join me for a Month of Healing.

Over one month, you will understand the Root Causes of the condition or illness, and have the support and guidance to shift whatever it is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We will have an initial call to determine what signs and symptoms you have and what you truly desire your one month and end goal to be.

I will require access to your Birth information to gain access to your Soul Record or Akashic Record, including:

  1. Your Full Name at Birth
  2. Your Full Name Now
  3. Your Month/Day/Year of Birth
  4. Your Place of Birth – City, Country

This form will be used to determine what aspects of the body are out of alignment:


Two clearings of the energy will be done based on 1. what you shared as signs and symptoms and 2. what is found using the above form.

A second call will be done in the third week to determine what has changed and a final energy clearing will be completed.

At the end of week four, a final quick connection and celebration call will end your One Month Healing Journey.

It is my strong opinion that we have four different bodies including the: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When we consciously decide to shift something, it is FAR more powerful to shift using all four of the bodies.

Subconscious shifts plus those outside of this dimension in past and future lives, your ancestry and beyond can all impact your level of health.

This means that I shift what you can’t see.

And you will need to pay attention to your emotions, thoughts and physical actions and take responsibility for those over this One Month of Healing and beyond.

I can shift the energy spiritually for you, but you are the Master of your own reality.

You get to choose what you think, how you feel and what actions you take or don’t take.

If you don’t feel 100% in control of your body, this will be quite an eye opening journey for you!!

If this feels AMAZING and exactly what you need right now, email me: sherri@sherrisimpson.com

Or message me on Facebook:


We’ll discuss if this will benefit you, and the investment required.

Namaste. May your health be ever increasing.

Sherri. :O)

A woman holding onto her sun hat stands facing a field of sunflowers
Life is meant to be golden.

Gain Control of Your Intuition

I know that you know you have intuitive hits and gut instincts. Right?

Have you paid attention to when you get them? And for whom?

Do you get hits only for others, only for you, or for both?

Are they scary or loving?

I know that intuition is VERY powerful.
You can use your own wisdom to:
*build your business
*heal your body
*call in your life partner
*decide where to vacation
*help yourself and others
*and so much more, like find lost items

I want you to gain control of your amazing gifts.

A moon shines brightly against a dark sky
Your gifts are innate. You brought them with you.

We are NOT all created equally. Your gifts and talents are not the same as others.

If you want your gifts to be like the gifts of other’s, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

What if your gifts are FAR more powerful than the wisdom and psychic abilities you yearn for?

I want to help you gain absolute control and confidence around your innate gifts and talents.

Join us for the Gain Control of Your Intuition 6-week program.

I desire for you to:
*understand what YOUR gifts are
*learn to USE your gifts with confidence
*learn to access your intuition when YOU want to, rather than when it comes

You will join 4 others (maximum of 5 people in this program) in a Private Facebook Group.

We will connect over a free video program called Zoom for THREE 90-minute calls. These calls are tentatively booked for:
September 9th, September 25th and October 10th, from 7 – 8:30 pm, Eastern Time.

You will receive TWO 60-minute private (and recorded) video calls with me.
These calls will be booked some time between September 1st and 7th, September 15th and 21st or September 29th and October 5th.

There will be interaction within the group including weekly posts and Facebook Live videos to support you and answer your questions.

I don’t like ‘homework’ so I will offer ‘playful’ suggestions for you to practice your gifts.

A figure stands under a giant rock arch under a stary sky

You DO have amazing gifts. It’s time for you to learn how to control them and leverage them.

Obviously, you’re not going to become a well-renowned psychic medium in 6 weeks, well you could but I can’t guarantee that, but you WILL learn to trust your intuition and be able to have more control over when it comes and how you direct it.

Questions? Email me: sherri@sherrisimpson.com

Or, send a Facebook Message:

I’m sure you’re wondering HOW much the Gain Control of Your Intuition program costs?

It’s $444 Canadian if you book BEFORE September 1st and $555 if you book from September 1st – 9th.

Bonus: Gain FREE access to the 30-Day Meditation Group when you join.

A mansits cross legged in front of a water body under a pink and blue cloudy sky
Your intuition is waiting patiently.

Are you in? Register here:

Your Onion Layers

I know you’re a human, and not an onion, but you HEAL like an onion, in layers.

When I worked as a massage therapist, I had an innate knowing when people came in that their pain was NOT rooted where they thought it was.

My clients would come in and say: My neck hurts. Or: My back hurts.

And I would work on their quads and calves, on their shoulders, or hips, THEN at the end, I would move to the area of the body they were actually complaining about.

Why would I do that? Was I blatantly ignoring them?

No, of course not. I was trusting my intuition to help them to the best of my abilities.

And you know what? They made fun of me for NOT going straight to the pain spot, but they ALWAYS felt better after.

Your pain is often NOT rooted where it hurts.

Your healing then is NOT a straight line. It’s not a one-sized-fits-all approach for you to reach your goals and desires.

Your body is both human and spirit.

Your energy impacts your physical nature.

Your past and future lives, as well as your parallel timelines and other dimensions ALL impact your life in health, relationships and money/business.

The reason you’re not getting the results you want is you’re focusing on ONE thing that is NOT the root cause of your issue or pain.

I know that sucks because you’re spending time and energy doing what you’ve been told, and what logically makes sense. But it isn’t working!

A black and white photo of Dominoes lined up in rows.
You’re using the Domino effect and it isn’t working.

You’re using a linear method and lots of DOING, but you’re not THINKING, FEELING AND INTUITING into the solution and outcome.

Your onion layers are requesting that you do things in a weird, different or odd order. But what order?

It’s intuitive, NOT logical. So you need to stop focusing on the step 1, step 2 process and think outside of the box.

That’s where I come in.

Ha. No, I’m not Angelic, but I do tap into the Other Side to help you. Your Higher Self and Spirit Guide Team, and sometimes your Loved Ones passed over are ALL helping me help you.

I help you get to the root cause, at least the next thing that’s ready to be released, so you can move along YOUR path, rather than THE path.

You’re unique. You’re special. Your path to heal and transform is also unique and special.

Yes, you can tap into your own intuition and start acting on that wisdom.

However, since many of the blocks and limits keeping you stuck are not ‘easy to determine’, you may not get to the root cause as easily as I can.

Your past lives and future lives can alter your deep emotions and energy.

Your parallel timelines, the lives that different versions of your soul are living out while you live this life, AND other dimensions can be keeping you stuck.

If you’re ready to get to the root cause(s) and ditch that old sucky energy so you can move forward, book a session with me.

These sessions are VERY powerful. You will feel lighter, freer and more aligned with what you truly want.

Read more and book here: http://YLTcoaching.com

A clear crystal ball is in the foreground with shiny lights in the background
You came here to shine.

Namaste. You’ve got this.
Sherri. :O)

Join the Create Freedom, Your Way private Facebook group.

Why don’t you have what you want?

There are quite a few people I know right now who’re frustrated as all get out because life is NOT how they want it, myself included. There are SO many things I want to do and people I want to help and places I want to visit.

Some say that life falls apart before it falls back together. If this is you, hang in there because it IS shifting.

We just had a major month of energy shifting with Mercury Retrograde and we have THREE Super Moons coming up soon, too.

Things are stirring so you can ditch what doesn’t serve you and get a handle on what TRULY does.

I wrote this email to my list today and I felt like it needed to be shared here, too. So, here it is, slightly altered, with spelling mistakes fixed! Lol. Enjoy.

I believe that everything you want is available to you. Right now. You don’t have it all yet NOT because it isn’t possible but for two reasons:

1) A piece of you doesn’t believe YOU can have it, even if you know other people who can and do.

There’s an aspect of unworthiness, un-deserving-ness or a piece of ‘it’s not meant for me’ keeping it separate from you.

Does this feel true? Sometimes things are held in our subconscious so the conscious mind will disagree.

Your conscious mind thinks it’s preposterous while your subconscious mind stands behind you with a hand in the air.

I want you to tell yourself that the old beliefs are a load of crap and you can have whatever you want!

Do you believe if you were worth it, you’d have it already?
Do you believe you can have it once you do something, give something or learn something? But not right now?

Many of us were programmed at a young age by the people who raised us, including our extended families and teachers, and even those who bullied us.

We took those old situations and experiences and made them our truths. Good and bad.

We made what other people said and did and how THEY acted, OUR truths. That’s kind of crappy, isn’t it.
Why couldn’t we just make up our own? Because we didn’t think we were allowed!

That leads me to the second reason…

2) You don’t have all you want because you have a ton of layers, or maybe one or two, preventing it.

You need to become the energy of what it is you want. Everything you want ALREADY exits because it ALL starts with energy, which is what you are at your core. You are energy.

That means you don’t have all you want because there’s some resistance around it, or a disconnect with your energy.

Maybe it will be a lot of work.
Or people will view you differently.
Or you will feel disconnected from others if you have what you truly want.

What if you don’t have what you want because you’re filtering the world in a way that currently won’t allow it?

Have you heard me use the umbrella example before?
Say you’re outside in the sun, wondering why the sun isn’t shining on you, and you realize you’re standing under an umbrella that’s sheltering you from the light.

YOU are separating yourself from the things you want. They are not separate from you, you are making them, in some way, separate.

So to get what you want, you need to re-focus your mind onto what you want rather than standing around underneath that darned umbrella. You need to remove or shift the things preventing you from getting what you want.

What are those things you want? Better health? More freedom? More money? More vacation time? More time with your friends or family, or more time to relax?

And more importantly, what’s the resistance preventing it all?

We all want things. It’s normal and healthy to want.

But feeling ‘I want’ is going to keep it separate from you because it’s in the future. I want means it’s not here yet.

If you keep coming up with excuses why you can’t have it right this minute like:
*It’s not my time
*I can’t afford it
*I don’t know how
*It hasn’t happened yet so maybe it won’t 

Or what about:
*I don’t want to work that hard

*People won’t like me

*I won’t like who I become.

Or worse yet, if you did have all you want, but you were just planning to give it all away.

Why would you give away what you worked so hard for and got aligned to receive? If you win the lottery, how much would you keep and how much would you share? 

Why would the Universe bring it to you? Why wouldn’t the Universe just bring those things to others and leave out the middle man?

Whoa. Gotcha there, didn’t I. I want to share everything with everyone too, but if I do, what will be left for me?

If I’m worthy of it, then I must keep it, love it and experience it. Do you agree? Okay, maybe not all of it, but I think you get my point.

So HOW do you refocus and tap into YOUR worthiness (not what you want for other people) and truly get into alignment with what you want? Please be selfish here. See others as having the ability to get what they want, so all you need to do is focus on YOU.

Is that weird? Does it feel different? Scary? I bet! Focusing only on us feels really odd! Doing things we don’t normally do ALWAYS feels foreign. It’s called GROWTH!

First, stop focusing on what IS and stop making excuses for why you are where you are. You just are. And that’s okay.

Where you are in life right now is based on who you were, so who you are NOW is creating your future. If you change you NOW, you change your future.

Think only about what you DO want and start acting as though you’re already that person, the person who already has all of those things.

Yep, I know. That feels hard because you’re so used to being who you are, and you’re so COMFORTABLE being you. But if you want more, you need to learn to love being uncomfortable. See uncomfortable-ness as a good thing because you KNOW change is coming.

The energy is important, your head and heart need to be in alignment, but you must then take some actions from that place. Not any old actions or a bunch of things you’re already doing, but NEW things. Higher vibrating actions.

I don’t meant just meditation and visualization, but every day things, too. Change how you cook, or where you park your car. Change actual tangible things.

Also, speak of everything you want in the present.

Ditch ‘I want’ and ‘I desire’ and go right to ‘I am’ and ‘I have’. Keep it in the present. Your mind will make it real because it thinks it already IS.

I love to connect with others for help so if this stuff kind of baffles you, getting help is certainly something I recommend.

Find someone you resonate with. If that’s me, I’d love to help you!

***For the next week, my 60- and 90-minute sessions are on sale, so if this message calls to you, please book one or more here: http://YLTcoaching.com

The other thing I love to use to get focused is listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube, and meditating.

I use ALL kinds of meditation. Sometimes I say I AM statements, sometimes I chant, or I walk and do some tapping on my fingers. Sometimes I listen to guided meditations and other times, I just get quiet.

The 30 Days of Meditation is meant to get you familiar with different kinds of meditation so you know what resonates with you. Hmm, maybe we’ll do some tapping, too!

I work with the Council of Light, so you will learn about some of their Rays of Light and use meditation and visualization to call them in. Powerful stuff.

If you would love to join me for 30 Days of Meditation, you can sign up for that here:http://YLTcoaching.com
**We’ll be connecting for meditation daily in a Private Facebook group to get you into the habit of getting quiet and listening to your own wisdom.

Your internal world ALWAYS creates your external world and experiences. It’s law.

If this message triggered some things within you that you desire to share, message me and let me know. I’m all ears.

I love that you’re here and you’re learning to create the life you desire.

Namaste. You’ve got this.

Sherri. :O)

For more information about Sessions and the 30 Days of Meditation, go here: http://YLTcoaching.com

Your Spirit Guides

You have a TEAM of helpers who are assigned just to you. Your Spirit Guides have chosen to work with YOU and help you during this incarnation.

You have the ability right now to connect with your Guides daily.

A gorgeous view of how Earth sees space and the light out there.

Your Spirit Guides are Souls who have been to Earth and reincarnated here in their past. Usually. They are Souls who have done their own Spiritual Development, and they have chosen to sign on to help you with your Development.

They are available to provide you with information and guidance. But, you must be calm and relaxed or aware enough to See/Feel/Hear/Know the guidance.

Think of your Guides as loving Beings who have a unique higher perspective around your life and your path and purpose.

Your Inner Circle of Guides are solely assigned to you. Your Outer Circle of Guides have more than one human they are helping.

Your Inner Circle of Guides are here to help you along your human journey in this life. You normally have 4-6 of them, but you could have more. I have 7.

Your Guides are here to help you with your own unique Self Expression. They are helping you live your authentic life. They are there to serve you, while they serve their own divine needs as Guides.

Your Inner Circle of Guides is with you ALL the time. They are your ‘hired’ spiritual help. I recommend that you learn who they are and begin to speak to them.

Your Guides hear your desires and intentions and help you replicate that energy out to the Universe to bring it back to you.

Your Higher Self is the Being who actually hired your Spirit Guide team in this incarnation. You don’t want to micro manage this group, or give them jobs. They know what they need to do. They take your Highest Good into account.

A Beautiful tree reflected into a body of water in front of a night's sky.

Your Spirit Team actually evolves as you do. When you raise your vibration (spiritually or energetically speaking, if you’re reading this, you are likely vibrating above 5.0), you can actually surpass the vibration or your Guides. In this case, one or more of your Guides are released and higher vibrating Guides are called in.

This happened to me. I lost a lower vibrating Guide when I was in Andorra last year and called in Mother Mary to fill that place.

You are here to create YOUR OWN reality. Your Guides are helping you do that.

Your initial or primary guide has been with you since Birth and will be at your side until you leave this life.

Your next Guide often comes in between ages 4 and 6. Your third Guide enters your Team around age 8 to 10. Your fourth Guide comes in around age 13 to 15 and you can call in a fifth around age 18 to 20, if they are needed.

As your intellectual and spiritual self grows, you have more choices and options, so you call in Guides to help you with those choices.Your Spirit Team is usually complete by the time you reach 25.

Sometimes we call in Temporary Guides that are meant to help us overcome some trauma or challenge. These are referred to as Negative Guides as the situation they are supporting us with is not easy, light or fun.

**When I come across these Negative Guides in an Akashic Record Reading, I clear them as after the even or situation is complete, they are no longer needed. Read more about Soul Realignment Sessions here: http://YLTcoaching.com

You also call in Special Assignment Guides when you need help with a big goal, like writing a Book, overcoming an illness or starting or expanding a Business. Your Higher Self ‘hires’ them to help.

Your Guides are not around to tell you about other people. They are there for you. They are not around to tell you what to do, as that would take away your Free Will. They are there for Guidance.

You are solely responsible for your own choices and actions.

It’s important for you to be CLEAR about your intentions and desires, as your Guides help you with them. They do not judge, and so they act on your energy. If your energy or intentions are negative or dis-empowering, they simply follow that energy, as long is it will not harm you or others, because it is your will.

Your Guidance is received based on what you DO want, rather than what you don’t. It’s really important to clearly focus on what you desire. If you have a long list of things you don’t want, use the Clarity Through Contrast Process to get clear on what you DO want. You can watch this video on YouTube to understand the process, and use this DOCUMENT to create your own Clarity Through Contrast List.

If you’re interested in learning WHO your Spirit Team is, and how to connect with them, join the Spiritual Connections 90-Day Program. Read more here: http://YLTcoaching.com

Your Outer Circle of Guides are quite a bit different. They have specific Roles they play. They are ‘hired’ by more than 1 Soul and are BUSY.

You have one of each of the following:

  1. Your Chief Guide: who coordinates the entire Inner and Outer Circle of Guides.
  2. Your Gatekeeper: who opens wisdom up to you based on specific timing.
  3. Your Timing Guide: who works together with Your Gatekeeper to line up synchronicites.
  4. Your Karmic Technician: who helps you resolve issues and unfinished business from this life and past lives. This Technician may have connected you to me for a Past Life Regression Session, or a Life Situation Reading in the Akashic Records so that you could learn what was blocking you and help you release things in the future.
  5. Your Creative Guide: who helps you leverage your own talents and skills and leads you to people and opportunities where you are meant to Create.
  6. Your Guardian: who is essentially your body guard. You don’t want to interfere with them, they are keeping you safe and alive.
  7. Your Astral Guide: who is your travel companion while you are traveling through different astrals in your sleep or deep meditation time.

**This information is from the Soul Realignment Training I took with Andrea Hess. It is powerful work.

When I work with you to help you connect with your Guides (or you can ask on your own if you have the tools to do so) I ask:

  1. Do you resonate as Male, Female or Androgynous?
  2. Where are you from? Where did your Soul originate?
  3. What is your Primary Energy Centre? (This is important information for you to understand about yourself and your Guides.)
  4. Do you have a name?
  5. What is your appearance?
  6. What role are you playing within the Inner Circle? How are you helping?
  7. How do I know (or does my client know) that you are present? Is there an impulse, a song, a feeling, a memory or something else that indicates your presence?
  8. Do you have any specific messages or wisdom to share?

Your Outer Circle is so busy doing their jobs that it makes FAR more sense to connect with your Inner Circle, though wisdom from your Creative Guide can be beneficial.

If you’re interested in learning more about your Spirit Guides, you can connect with me for a Soul Realignment session (over about one month) or join us for the 90-Day Spiritual Connection program. Learn more here: http://YLTcoaching.com

May you connect with your Guides daily and receive all the support you need.


Sherri. :O)

The Wounded Healer

If you’re anything like me, you love helping people and sharing things you’ve learned. If they helped you, they might help others, too.

But, yes, there is a but, we people-loving, giving types, we forget to spend some time helping ourselves. We learn a little and then get all gung-ho about sharing with others.

Are you guilty of that, too?

When we try to help others before we help ourselves, we get stressed. And exhausted. And then we feel like we suck because others aren’t getting the results we want for them.

But we aren’t allowing ourselves to get that healing first.

When we do this, help others before we have truly helped ourselves, we become wounded healers. Have you heard the term?

We keep attracting things we need to heal in others and we get even more stressed and exhausted trying to help them.

You need to heal you first.

If you dream of being an amazing healer, and creating a big impact in the world, you need to focus on healing your own wounds first. You need to heal your past, heal your thoughts, forgive and let go of any heaviness that no longer serves you.

If you’re ready, I can help.

I have a new 3-month Journey to Self Mastery 1:1 program available that will help YOU heal so you can get a move on helping others.

This program only has FOUR spots available, so if you’re really ready, done feeling stressed and eager to expand your gifts, join me for a free Journey to Self Mastery Discovery Call to see if this is your next logical step. You deserve to heal, dial in your intuition and really create the life you want.

I have a unique collection of transformational tools to guide you on your path. I look forward to sharing them with you.


Remember to focus on you so you can be calm, clear and focused on others.


Sherri. :0)

Words of an Empath

I feel.

I feel it all.

I feel deep sadness. Anger. Unrest. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Disconnection. Isolation. Loneliness.

But I also feel joy. Peace. Happiness. Wonder. Possibility.

But the dense and heavy energies, especially the fear and the anger, they’re heart-wrenching. They eat at my core. I feel them deep in my bones. They make my gut ache and my tremble.

When I allow myself to feel all, everything, everyone, it scares me.

It feels like a jumble of sorrow with hints of wonder. Dark with flecks of light.

So, I numb.

I block all feelings, and choose to hide. To close off. To separate. To contain myself, within myself, where I feel safe.

I don’t have to feel when I’m isolated.

I don’t have to FEEL it all.

But, when I’m numbed, with alcohol, coffee, sugar or being totally busy in doing something, anything, I just don’t feel at all.

And that, that’s even scarier. Because. Because from that place of being alone, isolated and ‘safe’, it’s all muted. The joy is numb. The happiness is weak. The bliss is non-existent.

And, you can only manifest numbness from a place of numbness. Life attracts like. Yes?

So? What does one do?

Does one choose to feel now and then? To turn it off and on? To keep it off unless it’s safe? To hide? To sneak around the dense heaviness and pray the joy will be there when the dial is opened or the switch is flipped?

That’s not much of a life. Is it?

Trust me. It’s not.

Hiding and numbing is NOT the answer. It’s not fun. It’s not interesting. It’s not exciting. It’s not much of anything.

And it blocks SO much joy. And love. Where is the love?

How does love get in with all that numbness blocking the door?

Sad puppy dog eyes.

It’s time to FEEL. To feel it all. To act totally, completely and innately human. To allow the highs and lows and find joy in the entire spectrum of emotions. All day. Everyday.

Are you with me, Empath?

Learn to Manifest

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but you’re not sure you know how to ACTUALLY leverage it.

I’ve created a series of 7 Learn to Manifest videos that will be revealed on YouTube.com/SherriSimpson in the Playlist section.

1) The Law of Attraction
2) The Law of Deliberate Creation
3) The Law of Allowing
4) Matching your desires to an Emotion
5) Removing things that don’t match your desired Emotion
6) Adding things to your day that DO match your desired Emotion
7) Celebrating all that has been, IS, and all your accomplishments before they manifest into your physical reality.

If you’re ready to book a Manifesting Blueprint session, Hypnosis Session or a Card Reading/Coaching call, please book here: http://Sherri.as.me

Get Clear On What You Want

It can be challenging to get clear on what you want. A lot of the time, you can write lists and lists of things you DON’T want.

Let’s use those to help guide you to what you DO want.

Click to watch this Video or listen to this Audio to learn how to use the Clarity Through Contrast process.

Your thoughts dictate your emotions, so your thoughts are really important. But, your emotions dictate what you manifest. This process can help you get clear on what emotions your desires are connecting to.

Use this PDF (it’s different than the one in the video, but will work) to help you.

I’d love to hear if this was helpful. Message me on Facebook 

Book a FREE Deep Dive into your manifesting process with me here: http://Sherri.as.me

Sherri. :O)

A hand holds a clear sphere with a snowy landscape reflecting in it.
Get crystal clear on what you want.

Heal Your Past to Create Your Future

If you could change your past, would you?

Some people have made decisions they really wish they could undo, and also make choices or do things they wish they had.

However, if you were to change your past, you would be a different person now. Hmm, I guess that could be good or bad.

If you were a different person now, then you might have:

  • the perfect relationship with your life partner
  • the perfect job or business
  • the perfect body in epic health
  • more money than you could spend or share in this lifetime.

So, how do you get THERE, if HERE is NOT exactly where you desire to be?

There’s 2 ways.

1) Some people can simply move full speed ahead and change their thoughts, which change their feelings, which change their actions, which changes their outcomes (ie. their lives). If you’re this person, go do your thing! You’ve got this. Start thinking like the person you desire to be and feel all the feelings you desire to feel, and then take actions from THAT place. The only place. Once you get into THIS place, life is like a game of dominos where things just get lined up and ticked off your list one magical thing at a time.

See EVERYTHING as connected.

2) Many of us get stuck in the past and don’t realize that we’re letting old experiences, hurts, choices and situations RULE our whole life. If you don’t have ALL the things you want in this abundantly unlimited Universe, then you’re stuck somewhere.

I know this all too well. I was stuck in ill health for quite a few years and managed to get myself into a place of fabulous health. Now, I’m working on other areas because when you fix one area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL areas get lined up. Healing one area of life certainly helps other areas, but when it doesn’t fix them, there’s more to heal.

Getting unstuck means that you need to heal, release or overcome your past.

In order to truly change your life NOW, and into the future, you need to:

*STOP thinking the thoughts that don’t serve you
*STOP getting angry at yourself, beating yourself up and being your own worst critique (I know all too well how this feels. It sucks and it doesn’t serve you.)
*START being your own cheerleader. Tell yourself how proud of yourself you are, how loved you feel, and all the beautiful gifts you have to give.
*START releasing things in life that feel like a drag. If your partner, job, living arrangement, etc. are no longer lightening you up, stop complaining about it and DO something about it.
*START getting outside of your comfort zone. Changing your life means changing things that you do. STOP doing things that don’t feel good, and START doing more things that do, especially things that scare you.

You have the power to change your life. But YOU are responsible for acting on it, or ignoring that power.

People can help you, but not until you’re ready. And it’s totally okay NOT to be ready to change. You have Free Will. You get to choose.

If you are ready, I’d love to help you. I LOVE helping people heal their pasts in order to create new futures.

I can help you with:

*An Akashic Record Reading – A deep look into your Soul to understand who you really are, how you were created, and how you were uniquely designed to manifest new things, people, and experiences into your physical reality. If you’ve had one of these Sessions with me before, then we can go deeper.

1) Relationship Readings can reveal to you how many times you and a significant other, parent or child have been connected in past lives and what roles you’ve played.
2) Life Situations Readings can help you make sense of all the weird things that have been going on in life and how they may be connected and related to each other, and also how they may be messages or road blocks to your forward momentum.
3) Spirit Guide Readings can reveal to you who your Inner Circle of Guides are and how they are helping you, plus how to blend with their energy to more easily connect and receive messages and wisdom.

*A Transformation Hypnosis Session – These often take you back into your past (usually in this life, but sometimes into the womb or into past lives) so you can understand WHERE you are keeping yourself stuck. I know you might not want to take responsibility for this, but if you see yourself as being powerful enough to create and manifest your desires, then you also have created and manifested every thing and person you currently have in your life now. And all that you’ve ever had.

You have the power to change your life and heal yourself now. You don’t need to wait for a new year or when you have more time. If you do, KNOW that you are putting other things before you. This is okay for a while, but eventually, putting yourself last reveals a life that you’re not happy with. Trust me on this one!

Hypnosis isn’t sleep, it’s a sleep of the nervous system. Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to chill, and your subconscious mind to deliver you to the wisdom that’s within you.

If you desire to book a session with me, you can find my schedule here:

In the meantime, please pay attention to your thoughts. Wisdom is power. Just knowing that what you’re thinking doesn’t make you feel good is the FIRST step to changing and healing.

May 2019 be your best year yet.
Sherri. :O)

Celebrate you!