Heal Your Past to Create Your Future

If you could change your past, would you?

Some people have made decisions they really wish they could undo, and also make choices or do things they wish they had.

However, if you were to change your past, you would be a different person now. Hmm, I guess that could be good or bad.

If you were a different person now, then you might have:

  • the perfect relationship with your life partner
  • the perfect job or business
  • the perfect body in epic health
  • more money than you could spend or share in this lifetime.

So, how do you get THERE, if HERE is NOT exactly where you desire to be?

There’s 2 ways.

1) Some people can simply move full speed ahead and change their thoughts, which change their feelings, which change their actions, which changes their outcomes (ie. their lives). If you’re this person, go do your thing! You’ve got this. Start thinking like the person you desire to be and feel all the feelings you desire to feel, and then take actions from THAT place. The only place. Once you get into THIS place, life is like a game of dominos where things just get lined up and ticked off your list one magical thing at a time.

See EVERYTHING as connected.

2) Many of us get stuck in the past and don’t realize that we’re letting old experiences, hurts, choices and situations RULE our whole life. If you don’t have ALL the things you want in this abundantly unlimited Universe, then you’re stuck somewhere.

I know this all too well. I was stuck in ill health for quite a few years and managed to get myself into a place of fabulous health. Now, I’m working on other areas because when you fix one area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL areas get lined up. Healing one area of life certainly helps other areas, but when it doesn’t fix them, there’s more to heal.

Getting unstuck means that you need to heal, release or overcome your past.

In order to truly change your life NOW, and into the future, you need to:

*STOP thinking the thoughts that don’t serve you
*STOP getting angry at yourself, beating yourself up and being your own worst critique (I know all too well how this feels. It sucks and it doesn’t serve you.)
*START being your own cheerleader. Tell yourself how proud of yourself you are, how loved you feel, and all the beautiful gifts you have to give.
*START releasing things in life that feel like a drag. If your partner, job, living arrangement, etc. are no longer lightening you up, stop complaining about it and DO something about it.
*START getting outside of your comfort zone. Changing your life means changing things that you do. STOP doing things that don’t feel good, and START doing more things that do, especially things that scare you.

You have the power to change your life. But YOU are responsible for acting on it, or ignoring that power.

People can help you, but not until you’re ready. And it’s totally okay NOT to be ready to change. You have Free Will. You get to choose.

If you are ready, I’d love to help you. I LOVE helping people heal their pasts in order to create new futures.

I can help you with:

*An Akashic Record Reading – A deep look into your Soul to understand who you really are, how you were created, and how you were uniquely designed to manifest new things, people, and experiences into your physical reality. If you’ve had one of these Sessions with me before, then we can go deeper.

1) Relationship Readings can reveal to you how many times you and a significant other, parent or child have been connected in past lives and what roles you’ve played.
2) Life Situations Readings can help you make sense of all the weird things that have been going on in life and how they may be connected and related to each other, and also how they may be messages or road blocks to your forward momentum.
3) Spirit Guide Readings can reveal to you who your Inner Circle of Guides are and how they are helping you, plus how to blend with their energy to more easily connect and receive messages and wisdom.

*A Transformation Hypnosis Session – These often take you back into your past (usually in this life, but sometimes into the womb or into past lives) so you can understand WHERE you are keeping yourself stuck. I know you might not want to take responsibility for this, but if you see yourself as being powerful enough to create and manifest your desires, then you also have created and manifested every thing and person you currently have in your life now. And all that you’ve ever had.

You have the power to change your life and heal yourself now. You don’t need to wait for a new year or when you have more time. If you do, KNOW that you are putting other things before you. This is okay for a while, but eventually, putting yourself last reveals a life that you’re not happy with. Trust me on this one!

Hypnosis isn’t sleep, it’s a sleep of the nervous system. Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to chill, and your subconscious mind to deliver you to the wisdom that’s within you.

If you desire to book a session with me, you can find my schedule here:

In the meantime, please pay attention to your thoughts. Wisdom is power. Just knowing that what you’re thinking doesn’t make you feel good is the FIRST step to changing and healing.

May 2019 be your best year yet.
Sherri. :O)

Celebrate you!