Words of an Empath

I feel.

I feel it all.

I feel deep sadness. Anger. Unrest. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Disconnection. Isolation. Loneliness.

But I also feel joy. Peace. Happiness. Wonder. Possibility.

But the dense and heavy energies, especially the fear and the anger, they’re heart-wrenching. They eat at my core. I feel them deep in my bones. They make my gut ache and my tremble.

When I allow myself to feel all, everything, everyone, it scares me.

It feels like a jumble of sorrow with hints of wonder. Dark with flecks of light.

So, I numb.

I block all feelings, and choose to hide. To close off. To separate. To contain myself, within myself, where I feel safe.

I don’t have to feel when I’m isolated.

I don’t have to FEEL it all.

But, when I’m numbed, with alcohol, coffee, sugar or being totally busy in doing something, anything, I just don’t feel at all.

And that, that’s even scarier. Because. Because from that place of being alone, isolated and ‘safe’, it’s all muted. The joy is numb. The happiness is weak. The bliss is non-existent.

And, you can only manifest numbness from a place of numbness. Life attracts like. Yes?

So? What does one do?

Does one choose to feel now and then? To turn it off and on? To keep it off unless it’s safe? To hide? To sneak around the dense heaviness and pray the joy will be there when the dial is opened or the switch is flipped?

That’s not much of a life. Is it?

Trust me. It’s not.

Hiding and numbing is NOT the answer. It’s not fun. It’s not interesting. It’s not exciting. It’s not much of anything.

And it blocks SO much joy. And love. Where is the love?

How does love get in with all that numbness blocking the door?

Sad puppy dog eyes.

It’s time to FEEL. To feel it all. To act totally, completely and innately human. To allow the highs and lows and find joy in the entire spectrum of emotions. All day. Everyday.

Are you with me, Empath?

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

I’m going to take you through a simple process to show you how truly powerful your thoughts are.

First, stand up, lift your left arm up to shoulder height and point your index finger at me.

Now rotate your arm and body around you to point as far behind you as you can. Do this twice so you have the exact marker on the wall behind you where your finger pointed.

No drop your arms by your side, close your eyes and repeat this to yourself:

I am powerful. My thoughts are powerful. I can now rotate my left arm at least 1/3 farther than I just did. I am seeing myself move and rotate my left arm at least 1/3 farther. I know I can. My arm and shoulder are so flexible that it’s incredibly easy to rotate at least 1/3 farther. It’s possible because I can think it, and my thoughts create actions in the physical. My arm now rotates at least 1/3 farther than it just did.

Now open your eyes, lift your left arm to shoulder height out front and rotate it to the left, exactly the same way you did it a minute ago.

Did it go at least 1/3 farther than it first did?

Mine went insanely further when I tried this!

This technique proves that your body listens to your thoughts.

A lady with brown hair wearing a white t-shirt and a grey sweatshirt holds a sizzling firework in her hands.

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