5 Things I Did To Help Heal My Thyroid

  1. I got as many toxins as possible out of my home and body.

Think make-up, toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo, nail polish, birth control pills, Advil and any other medications that you don’t *need* to be taking.

I use a free app called Think Dirty to check products on the fly while at the grocery store. I highly recommend you download it and use it to help you buy cosmetics, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Many of the ‘normal’ products we use like Dawn, Tide, Comet, Crest and more, even some of the ones that are supposed to be ‘green’, score at an 8/10 on the toxicity scale in the app. That’s highly toxic. Especially when we tend to stick to a product and use it daily or weekly for years.

All those chemicals add up. Your poor liver is working overtime trying to clear out the gunk.

I try to find products that are a 4/10 or lower. It’s easy when it comes to hand soap, shampoo, etc. Most grocery stores have a ‘healthy’ section. But, things like nail polish can be a bit trickier. The nail polish I love is called Pure Anada Glamour Nail Polish. It goes on smooth, dries fast and stays on a long time. You just need to do some research.

You are what you put on your skin! I know the saying is “You are what you eat.” That counts, too, such as eating more organic and grass fed when you can find it, but we tend to forget about the products we use.

Your skin absorbs products within 30 seconds. Choose natural ones!

  1. I stopped gossiping.

This is an interesting one, imho.

I used to chat with friends and talk about what was going on with everyone we knew, some of which was not so good.

What I realized was this actually dropped my energy instead of feeding my positivity. I felt tired after seeing my friends or gossiping in the lunch room. I had to stop doing that!

I believe in the law of attraction.

What you speak, you create. Yes, you are THAT powerful.

Energy, what you say, think and feel, is emitted or vibrated out into the Universe and the same or a similar kind of energy is returned to you.

I highly recommend you keep your conversations as positive and up-beat as possible, and spend time around people who feed your soul.

  1. I stopped working out as much, and changed how I worked out.

I toned down my workouts to include more walking and yoga. I was a fitness and spin instructor. It was nothing for me to teach 7 or 10 classes a week. That was A LOT of pressure and stress on my body. It was fun and I loved it, but over time it was just too much.

My body was already struggling, so intense workouts made me feel worse, really tired, or gave me a headache.

My goal was to feel better, calmer and more relaxed.

I stopped working out as much, and changed how I worked out.

  1. I stopped eating gluten.

Let me be clear here, I don’t believe that everyone healing from a thyroid condition needs to give up gluten, but I do believe that it will greatly help some people, like myself.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, spelt and barley. The acronym you can use to remember the grains that contain gluten is BROWS. Barley, rye, oats (if they are not marked as gluten free), wheat and spelt.

Wheat has been genetically modified for years to decrease the growing season, increase the yield and make it very resilient to bugs. That makes it hard for us humans to digest.

In your small intestine, you have these little guys called villi that line the walls, They have a very important job. They are meant to absorb your nutrients as they float by. (You mouth to anus is actually a tube that keeps things outside of your body.)

Since the wheat is so resilient, it actually scrapes these nutrient absorbers off. As this gets worse, you can get small tears in the walls of the intestines where food will leak outside of the body. That’s bad. No one wants food particles floating around inside them where they aren’t supposed to be. It’s gross and it can hurt.

But, the bigger problem is that when the villi get rubbed off, your body has less chances to absorb nutrients. Over time, you start to starve. Your body will start taking nutrients from your bones, muscles and more to keep your body functioning. It can create muscle atrophy where your body catabolizes muscle to use elsewhere. Then the muscles become weak and the body has less strength and ability to do normal functions like walk up the stairs.

Eating gluten might not create an instant reaction for you, unless you have celiac disease. It’s a process that happens a little over time. For me, I notice that my skin is very dry the day after I eat gluten, abnormally dry.

If you don’t know if gluten is a problem, take it out of your diet for a month and see if anything changes. Know that gluten is in EVERYTHING, so it can be tricky to avoid completely.

  1. I started using a high quality essential oil.

If you have a problem, guaranteed there’s an essential oil that can help. For releasing weight, I use Smart & Sassy by DoTerra. to relax, you can use Lavender. To feel better emotionally, you can use Console or Forgive, or an oil like Patchuli.

Using a high quality oil is very important. Remember we talked about how products can enter the skin and get into the bod in 30 seconds or less? Essential oils are no different. If you’re using a Walmart brand, you’re not getting a high quality oil and you’ll just be adding more toxins in.

The two brands I have knowledge of are Young Living and DoTerra. (If you need an oil distributor, let me know.)

You can topically apply oils (often mixed with a carrier oil), inhale them using a diffuser, or ingest them. Take caution with ingesting.

There are oils for sleep (Serenity), for releasing cellulite (cedarwood, geranium, grapefruit), to decrease the pain from a headache (peppermint, rosemary and lavender), and DoTerra has an oil called ZenGest that is the bomb for reducing upset stomachs or indigestion when rubbed over the stomach.

Use them as you need them, and again, buy a high quality oil.

I did a lot of other things to heal my own thyroid condition, including finding a naturopath and an NAET practitioner (it stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques) and more. I also made use of a probiotic and added kombucha to my diet and more.

This list of things will certainly get you started. If you are serious about healing from a thyroid condition, or a condition you feel is related to your thyroid even if your doctor doesn’t agree, then I can help.

I have a 3-month Thyroid Healing Kickstart 1-1 program that is designed to help you heal your symptoms. I am not a doctor, I am a massage therapist by trade, and I was able to heal my own thyroid.

The techniques I use include releasing any past life an ancestral karma, as we know we can carry forward things that we don’t want, and overcoming any limiting beliefs, thought patterns and trauma that may be contributing to the condition and/or symptoms.

In addition to changing physical things in your life, it’s also important to shift your thoughts, emotions and energy.

I also love to get your Higher Self involved. We can do a Future Progression session and she can tell you exactly how you heal it.

Read more about the 3-month Thyroid Healing Kickstart here: http://sherrisimpson.com/ready-for-healing/

Send along a Facebook message if you feel this program may be for you. We can have a quick chat.

The way I will support you will be highly personalized. That’s the best way to heal as your past, your symptoms, your desires and experiences will be unique to you.

In good health,

Sherri. :O)

Sherri Simpson

Your Onion Layers

I know you’re a human, and not an onion, but you HEAL like an onion, in layers.

When I worked as a massage therapist, I had an innate knowing when people came in that their pain was NOT rooted where they thought it was.

My clients would come in and say: My neck hurts. Or: My back hurts.

And I would work on their quads and calves, on their shoulders, or hips, THEN at the end, I would move to the area of the body they were actually complaining about.

Why would I do that? Was I blatantly ignoring them?

No, of course not. I was trusting my intuition to help them to the best of my abilities.

And you know what? They made fun of me for NOT going straight to the pain spot, but they ALWAYS felt better after.

Your pain is often NOT rooted where it hurts.

Your healing then is NOT a straight line. It’s not a one-sized-fits-all approach for you to reach your goals and desires.

Your body is both human and spirit.

Your energy impacts your physical nature.

Your past and future lives, as well as your parallel timelines and other dimensions ALL impact your life in health, relationships and money/business.

The reason you’re not getting the results you want is you’re focusing on ONE thing that is NOT the root cause of your issue or pain.

I know that sucks because you’re spending time and energy doing what you’ve been told, and what logically makes sense. But it isn’t working!

A black and white photo of Dominoes lined up in rows.
You’re using the Domino effect and it isn’t working.

You’re using a linear method and lots of DOING, but you’re not THINKING, FEELING AND INTUITING into the solution and outcome.

Your onion layers are requesting that you do things in a weird, different or odd order. But what order?

It’s intuitive, NOT logical. So you need to stop focusing on the step 1, step 2 process and think outside of the box.

That’s where I come in.

Ha. No, I’m not Angelic, but I do tap into the Other Side to help you. Your Higher Self and Spirit Guide Team, and sometimes your Loved Ones passed over are ALL helping me help you.

I help you get to the root cause, at least the next thing that’s ready to be released, so you can move along YOUR path, rather than THE path.

You’re unique. You’re special. Your path to heal and transform is also unique and special.

Yes, you can tap into your own intuition and start acting on that wisdom.

However, since many of the blocks and limits keeping you stuck are not ‘easy to determine’, you may not get to the root cause as easily as I can.

Your past lives and future lives can alter your deep emotions and energy.

Your parallel timelines, the lives that different versions of your soul are living out while you live this life, AND other dimensions can be keeping you stuck.

If you’re ready to get to the root cause(s) and ditch that old sucky energy so you can move forward, book a session with me.

These sessions are VERY powerful. You will feel lighter, freer and more aligned with what you truly want.

Read more and book here: http://YLTcoaching.com

A clear crystal ball is in the foreground with shiny lights in the background
You came here to shine.

Namaste. You’ve got this.
Sherri. :O)

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The Wounded Healer

If you’re anything like me, you love helping people and sharing things you’ve learned. If they helped you, they might help others, too.

But, yes, there is a but, we people-loving, giving types, we forget to spend some time helping ourselves. We learn a little and then get all gung-ho about sharing with others.

Are you guilty of that, too?

When we try to help others before we help ourselves, we get stressed. And exhausted. And then we feel like we suck because others aren’t getting the results we want for them.

But we aren’t allowing ourselves to get that healing first.

When we do this, help others before we have truly helped ourselves, we become wounded healers. Have you heard the term?

We keep attracting things we need to heal in others and we get even more stressed and exhausted trying to help them.

You need to heal you first.

If you dream of being an amazing healer, and creating a big impact in the world, you need to focus on healing your own wounds first. You need to heal your past, heal your thoughts, forgive and let go of any heaviness that no longer serves you.

If you’re ready, I can help.

I have a new 3-month Journey to Self Mastery 1:1 program available that will help YOU heal so you can get a move on helping others.

This program only has FOUR spots available, so if you’re really ready, done feeling stressed and eager to expand your gifts, join me for a free Journey to Self Mastery Discovery Call to see if this is your next logical step. You deserve to heal, dial in your intuition and really create the life you want.

I have a unique collection of transformational tools to guide you on your path. I look forward to sharing them with you.


Remember to focus on you so you can be calm, clear and focused on others.


Sherri. :0)

Words of an Empath

I feel.

I feel it all.

I feel deep sadness. Anger. Unrest. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Disconnection. Isolation. Loneliness.

But I also feel joy. Peace. Happiness. Wonder. Possibility.

But the dense and heavy energies, especially the fear and the anger, they’re heart-wrenching. They eat at my core. I feel them deep in my bones. They make my gut ache and my tremble.

When I allow myself to feel all, everything, everyone, it scares me.

It feels like a jumble of sorrow with hints of wonder. Dark with flecks of light.

So, I numb.

I block all feelings, and choose to hide. To close off. To separate. To contain myself, within myself, where I feel safe.

I don’t have to feel when I’m isolated.

I don’t have to FEEL it all.

But, when I’m numbed, with alcohol, coffee, sugar or being totally busy in doing something, anything, I just don’t feel at all.

And that, that’s even scarier. Because. Because from that place of being alone, isolated and ‘safe’, it’s all muted. The joy is numb. The happiness is weak. The bliss is non-existent.

And, you can only manifest numbness from a place of numbness. Life attracts like. Yes?

So? What does one do?

Does one choose to feel now and then? To turn it off and on? To keep it off unless it’s safe? To hide? To sneak around the dense heaviness and pray the joy will be there when the dial is opened or the switch is flipped?

That’s not much of a life. Is it?

Trust me. It’s not.

Hiding and numbing is NOT the answer. It’s not fun. It’s not interesting. It’s not exciting. It’s not much of anything.

And it blocks SO much joy. And love. Where is the love?

How does love get in with all that numbness blocking the door?

Sad puppy dog eyes.

It’s time to FEEL. To feel it all. To act totally, completely and innately human. To allow the highs and lows and find joy in the entire spectrum of emotions. All day. Everyday.

Are you with me, Empath?

Overcoming Infertility

When I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, I had no idea that my body was going to go so bonkers. I lost my monthly cycle for an entire year. At first, this was kind of cool, since I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

But after awhile, I felt inadequate, not enough and no longer female.

I was infertile, but not in the way you may think.

The female body is SUPPOSED to experience a regular cycle until you reach the age of menopause where it’s no longer safe to carry a baby. That is NOT supposed to happen in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. If you are a female, and you have been trying to have a baby, and your body is NOT cooperating, I have an idea of how you must feel.

The female cycle is meant to be experienced monthly without any signs or symptoms aside from the fact that your body is shedding a layer.

That’s right, NO symptoms. There’s not supposed to be any cramps, nausea, headaches, dizziness, pains or otherwise. When your body is healthy, these dreaded crappy signs and symptoms are a thing of the past.

They were for me. Gone. Done. No more.

When I have a headache or I feel a little cranky, it’s a flag for me that I haven’t been treating my body well.

I recently realized that many women who experience issues with the thyroid, especially Graves Disease like I used to have, often have trouble getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term.

The hormones and the endocrine system need to be balanced and happy. They will follow your commands.

If you want a baby, you should have a baby. But how?

If you or someone you know is trying to get pregnant and not able to, watch this video:https://youtu.be/HA2gJpNvCVg

There’s also a FREE PDF that goes along with it. Access it here:http://bit.ly/OvercomingInfertility

Your body is happy to function the way you desire.

Your body wants to please you, and in some weird way, it is. WHAT?!

At some point in time, maybe as a teenager, you decided that it was a BAD idea to get pregnant, so you SWORE that it wouldn’t happen to you. You’d be disowned or you wouldn’t be able to live out all of your desires.

Your body may still be abiding by this ‘contract’ or belief that it’s a bad idea to get pregnant or have a baby.

Hypnosis can help. Book a session if this is you and you’re ready to carry a baby to term.

Not everyone wants a baby. I thought I did, but decided in my 30’s that it just wasn’t for me. If it IS for you, or you want it to be for you, the video and PDF may be helpful.

Your body may be acting out some other ‘request’ that no longer serves you. Ask it why. Do some journaling to understand.


Use your dominant hand to ask the question, and your non-dominant hand to respond. This is also great for asking your inner child questions.

The energy of 2019 is a 3. It’s all about personal power and confidence to follow your heart and act on your dreams.

Namaste. You’ve got this. I’m here if you need help me.

Sherri. :O)

**You can do anything you put your mind to. Believe in yourself. When you do, everyone else will, too.

Anxiety Sucks


Do you avoid people, places and things that cause your anxiety?

The first thing I recommend is to STOP owning it. If you don’t want to keep it, refrain from calling it My or Mine, or allowing others to call it Your or Yours. Once you call it THE anxiety, it creates a separation. It no longer feels like an arm, but just something that happens now and then.

Once you disown it, it will feel much easier to release it.

scrabble tiles spelling the word anxiety

It’s time to flip those tiles over and spell the word: HEALED


Do you take meds to keep you ‘normal’ that have weird side effects?
Dry mouth? Itchy scalp? Sweating? Nausea?

There are several different kinds of anxiety. Even animals experience it. The fight or flight kind is pretty normal. Like when a gazelle feels a predator stalking them – a dangerous threat is looming. Or when you’re walking down a dark alley at night taking a short-cut and feeling like it was a bad idea!

Humans have a tendency to feel an overwhelming sense that our mortality is approaching and we don’t think we’ll ’get it all done’.

It truly impairs our ability to function.

Often, avoiding the thing you’re afraid of creates more ‘stuckness’.

We avoid doing so many things that our life starts to feel really small.

It’s like cinching ourselves into smaller and smaller sizes so we take up less space.

Why do we do that?!

When I was anxious, my heart felt like it was beating outside my chest. I couldn’t figure out why it always happened at night before bed. I used to feel like I just ran a marathon and it was super challenging to fall asleep. The insomnia was actually accentuating the faster heartbeat. On days when I’d gotten a better nights sleep, my resting heart rate was 10-15 beats lower than when I slept like crap.

It was bizarre, frustrating and rather annoying.

I never really realized that I was hiding at home, and crossing the street and shopping at night to avoid interacting with people.

I got really good at avoidance.

A black and white photo of a woman in a white dressing looking sad while sitting on a bench.

I don’t want this for you. I want more for you, and I bet you want more for you, too!

If you desire to get to the Root Cause of the anxiety (not your anxiety) that plagues you (even if it only shows up when you need to do a speech or take an exam), I’d like to help you.

Join me for a Transformation Session. Let’s reprogram your subconscious mind to feel safe and strong, no matter what you desire to do in your life. Book a session here: http://Sherri.as.me

We’ll connect over a free video program called Zoom. (You can choose to use audio-only, but it would be fabulous to actually see you.)

Choose you. Choose a life that allows you to thrive.

Experiencing Infertility


If you’ve been trying for a long time and you just can’t seem to conceive (or keep a baby), I’d like to help.

Sometimes infertility can be caused by really old beliefs related to you not feeling capable of taking care of another human or it not being safe to do so.

Sometimes, it’s because when you were younger, you HATED having your monthly cycle, and now you experience it quite irregularly (or not at all – been there), so you don’t even know when you’re ovulating.

Or when you do ovulate, you experience extreme terror that you won’t conceive, so you manifest that. Not conceiving. This likely makes you feel like a failure, or like you’re not ‘good enough’ to be a Mom.

This is SO NOT TRUE.

I lost my monthly cycle for an entire year. My body was telling me pretty loudly:
You CAN’T have a baby. This body is NOT capable of carrying a baby.

It was sort of cool not having a cycle, but I also felt NOT female, like I was androgynous.

I got my hormones back on track, and now my monthly cycle is absolutely perfectly normal. Actually, it’s basically abnormal compared to society because I almost never know I’m having it except that flow begins on day 1.

Pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms are NOT normal. They mean your hormones are NOT balanced. This can cause issues with you conceiving, and carrying a baby to term.

They also create all sorts of torturous symptoms like:

  • bloating
  • headaches
  • cramps
  • weeping
  • anger
  • clumsiness
  • and more.

Life does NOT have to be this way!

Join me for a Transformation Session.

Let’s get to the ROOT Cause of this issue and see if we can heal it. Often, only 1-3 sessions are required to get to the Root Cause and to re-program your subconscious mind to attract what it is you desire.

A newborn baby wearing a white onsie lies face down on a man's arm with a black background

Book a session with me here:

You deserve to have all your desires.

Healing Secrets

The Secret to Healing?

Practice. Consistency. Repetition. Stopping yourself as soon as you get into old patterns, and pivoting yourself into something that feels better. Call in your Higher Self for guidance. Dance in the kitchen. Go for a walk. Watch a funny movie. Call a friend. Do ANYTHING that will help you feel better in the moment.

*If I resonate with you, and you’re ready to take the next step, please book a Transformation Session with me. I’ll bring you into a relaxed state, and safely guide  you into reviewing (but not reliving) the Root Cause of your current issue, pattern or condition. Book a Transformation Session here: http://Sherri.as.me

You can also strike up a conversation with me or ask any questions on Facebook http://fb.me/msg/sherri.simpson or email me: sherri@sherrisimpson.com

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