What are you afraid of?


Many women do. We fear being successful.

Yes, achievemephobia is a fear of success.

We’re afraid of:

  • being powerful
  • leaving people behind
  • making more than our parents
  • making more than our partners
  • the responsibilities connected to success
  • not being good enough
  • the issues with time and money connected to success
  • and more!

Won’t it be a lot of work? What if it’s exhausting?

Success! Yes. Or err, is it a good thing?

A man wearing a red sweater stands in front of a blue brick wall smiling with clenched fists, feeling successful

When I was healing an auto-immune disease of the thyroid (Graves’ Disease) I visited a few wonderful practitioners. Two of them both mentioned on several occasions that I was filled with fear, not all of it mine, and that I feared success.

How odd, I thought. But when I realized what was attached to success for me, including the list above, I understood it.

If this is you, join me for a Transformation Session. Let’s get to the Root Cause and re-program success to be a no-brainer for you.

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Two women wearing backpacks stand with arms above their heads successfully climbed a mountain