Gain Control of Your Intuition

I know that you know you have intuitive hits and gut instincts. Right?

Have you paid attention to when you get them? And for whom?

Do you get hits only for others, only for you, or for both?

Are they scary or loving?

I know that intuition is VERY powerful.
You can use your own wisdom to:
*build your business
*heal your body
*call in your life partner
*decide where to vacation
*help yourself and others
*and so much more, like find lost items

I want you to gain control of your amazing gifts.

A moon shines brightly against a dark sky
Your gifts are innate. You brought them with you.

We are NOT all created equally. Your gifts and talents are not the same as others.

If you want your gifts to be like the gifts of other’s, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

What if your gifts are FAR more powerful than the wisdom and psychic abilities you yearn for?

I want to help you gain absolute control and confidence around your innate gifts and talents.

Join us for the Gain Control of Your Intuition 6-week program.

I desire for you to:
*understand what YOUR gifts are
*learn to USE your gifts with confidence
*learn to access your intuition when YOU want to, rather than when it comes

You will join 4 others (maximum of 5 people in this program) in a Private Facebook Group.

We will connect over a free video program called Zoom for THREE 90-minute calls. These calls are tentatively booked for:
September 9th, September 25th and October 10th, from 7 – 8:30 pm, Eastern Time.

You will receive TWO 60-minute private (and recorded) video calls with me.
These calls will be booked some time between September 1st and 7th, September 15th and 21st or September 29th and October 5th.

There will be interaction within the group including weekly posts and Facebook Live videos to support you and answer your questions.

I don’t like ‘homework’ so I will offer ‘playful’ suggestions for you to practice your gifts.

A figure stands under a giant rock arch under a stary sky

You DO have amazing gifts. It’s time for you to learn how to control them and leverage them.

Obviously, you’re not going to become a well-renowned psychic medium in 6 weeks, well you could but I can’t guarantee that, but you WILL learn to trust your intuition and be able to have more control over when it comes and how you direct it.

Questions? Email me:

Or, send a Facebook Message:

I’m sure you’re wondering HOW much the Gain Control of Your Intuition program costs?

It’s $444 Canadian if you book BEFORE September 1st and $555 if you book from September 1st – 9th.

Bonus: Gain FREE access to the 30-Day Meditation Group when you join.

A mansits cross legged in front of a water body under a pink and blue cloudy sky
Your intuition is waiting patiently.

Are you in? Register here:

Words of an Empath

I feel.

I feel it all.

I feel deep sadness. Anger. Unrest. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Disconnection. Isolation. Loneliness.

But I also feel joy. Peace. Happiness. Wonder. Possibility.

But the dense and heavy energies, especially the fear and the anger, they’re heart-wrenching. They eat at my core. I feel them deep in my bones. They make my gut ache and my tremble.

When I allow myself to feel all, everything, everyone, it scares me.

It feels like a jumble of sorrow with hints of wonder. Dark with flecks of light.

So, I numb.

I block all feelings, and choose to hide. To close off. To separate. To contain myself, within myself, where I feel safe.

I don’t have to feel when I’m isolated.

I don’t have to FEEL it all.

But, when I’m numbed, with alcohol, coffee, sugar or being totally busy in doing something, anything, I just don’t feel at all.

And that, that’s even scarier. Because. Because from that place of being alone, isolated and ‘safe’, it’s all muted. The joy is numb. The happiness is weak. The bliss is non-existent.

And, you can only manifest numbness from a place of numbness. Life attracts like. Yes?

So? What does one do?

Does one choose to feel now and then? To turn it off and on? To keep it off unless it’s safe? To hide? To sneak around the dense heaviness and pray the joy will be there when the dial is opened or the switch is flipped?

That’s not much of a life. Is it?

Trust me. It’s not.

Hiding and numbing is NOT the answer. It’s not fun. It’s not interesting. It’s not exciting. It’s not much of anything.

And it blocks SO much joy. And love. Where is the love?

How does love get in with all that numbness blocking the door?

Sad puppy dog eyes.

It’s time to FEEL. To feel it all. To act totally, completely and innately human. To allow the highs and lows and find joy in the entire spectrum of emotions. All day. Everyday.

Are you with me, Empath?

Your Clairs


The best way to activate your gifts is to practice them.

You have one or more dominant gifts, in terms of your psychic abilities, and one or more less dominant. Clairvoyance – seeing things more clearly
*practice seeing auras or visualizing things

Clairaudiance – hearing things clearly
*practice hearing human noises far away, close to you, and within you

Clairsentience – feeling things within your body
*practice feeling your breathing, your heartbeat and your emotions

Claircognizance – knowing things and having no idea how you know them
*pay attention to what you say and notice if you’ve ‘studied’ it or simply know it.