Overcoming Infertility

When I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, I had no idea that my body was going to go so bonkers. I lost my monthly cycle for an entire year. At first, this was kind of cool, since I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

But after awhile, I felt inadequate, not enough and no longer female.

I was infertile, but not in the way you may think.

The female body is SUPPOSED to experience a regular cycle until you reach the age of menopause where it’s no longer safe to carry a baby. That is NOT supposed to happen in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. If you are a female, and you have been trying to have a baby, and your body is NOT cooperating, I have an idea of how you must feel.

The female cycle is meant to be experienced monthly without any signs or symptoms aside from the fact that your body is shedding a layer.

That’s right, NO symptoms. There’s not supposed to be any cramps, nausea, headaches, dizziness, pains or otherwise. When your body is healthy, these dreaded crappy signs and symptoms are a thing of the past.

They were for me. Gone. Done. No more.

When I have a headache or I feel a little cranky, it’s a flag for me that I haven’t been treating my body well.

I recently realized that many women who experience issues with the thyroid, especially Graves Disease like I used to have, often have trouble getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term.

The hormones and the endocrine system need to be balanced and happy. They will follow your commands.

If you want a baby, you should have a baby. But how?

If you or someone you know is trying to get pregnant and not able to, watch this video:https://youtu.be/HA2gJpNvCVg

There’s also a FREE PDF that goes along with it. Access it here:http://bit.ly/OvercomingInfertility

Your body is happy to function the way you desire.

Your body wants to please you, and in some weird way, it is. WHAT?!

At some point in time, maybe as a teenager, you decided that it was a BAD idea to get pregnant, so you SWORE that it wouldn’t happen to you. You’d be disowned or you wouldn’t be able to live out all of your desires.

Your body may still be abiding by this ‘contract’ or belief that it’s a bad idea to get pregnant or have a baby.

Hypnosis can help. Book a session if this is you and you’re ready to carry a baby to term.

Not everyone wants a baby. I thought I did, but decided in my 30’s that it just wasn’t for me. If it IS for you, or you want it to be for you, the video and PDF may be helpful.

Your body may be acting out some other ‘request’ that no longer serves you. Ask it why. Do some journaling to understand.


Use your dominant hand to ask the question, and your non-dominant hand to respond. This is also great for asking your inner child questions.

The energy of 2019 is a 3. It’s all about personal power and confidence to follow your heart and act on your dreams.

Namaste. You’ve got this. I’m here if you need help me.

Sherri. :O)

**You can do anything you put your mind to. Believe in yourself. When you do, everyone else will, too.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an old technique. It was ‘adopted as a term’ back in 1841. The technique was known before that as ‘mesmerism’ where patients where mesmerized to provide healing and relief from symptoms. 

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that provides the mind with strong ‘suggestions’ while the conscious mind and the nervous system are relaxed. You’re not asleep while under hypnosis, you’re simply calm and deep inside of yourself, within your subconscious mind.

Why can it be helpful?

Hypnosis infuses better feeling thoughts into your mind. Why? To allow you to become aware of how, when and why old habits and patterns of thought began. This is powerful wisdom as the patterns can then be re-programmed.

Hypnosis is helpful for fears and phobias, addictions, money and abundance, illnesses or health conditions and more.

By re-program, I mean that you can get to the Root Cause of any issue you’re experiencing. While relaxed, and in this REM or Rapid Eye Movement state, the same state you’re in while you dream, your mind is suggestible.

A hypnotherapist can ‘convince you’ or suggest to your mind that your current or past patterns have served you long enough, and help to re-program your mind, based on your own desires.

What can hypnosis help with?

Hypnosis is a great tool for healing health conditions, fears and phobias, addictions, anxiety and depression among other things (like telling your hair follicles to heal so you can re-grow hair).

What technique do I use and why?

I am using the Rapid Transformation Therapy technique trademarked by a woman named Marisa Peer. Marisa has been successfully using this quick and easy technique to heal ALL KINDS of things for people for over 30 years. She’s now teaching others how to use this technique and successfully help clients heal issues, too.

Going into hypnosis is quick and easy. It doesn’t have to be done in person, and the success rate is high. Clients normally heal and experience success within 1-3 sessions.

What does a Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Session look like?

An RTT session begins with a conversation.
1) What is it that you desire to achieve in terms of your health, wealth or current patterns or experience through a Transformation Session?
2) What exactly is the main issue you desire to heal?
3) How long has it been going on?
4) What have you tried?
5) Who do you have as a support system to help you?
6) How confident are you in yourself to be able to heal or overcome this and create a new pattern?

After this, a very quick and easy technique is used that requires you to look up towards the ceiling as though you’re trying to look at your eye brows for a count of 3 or 4 breaths. Then the eyes are closed and you’re taken through a visualization of a staircase that goes down, allowing you to set your conscious mind into a sleep or deep relaxation state and to bring the wisdom of the subconscious mind, your wise and suggestible self, to the forefront.

Often a technique is used to show your mind how suggestible you are in this state. Then you’re taken back in time (usually) by your subconscious mind to 3 or 4 experiences, memories or situations that explain the Root Cause of the condition or issue you desire to heal. You could be taken to a situation or memory, the womb, or a past life. I’ve never had anyone regress to a future lifetime or aspect of this life in the future, but that is also possible.

Wisdom is power.

When you see how a pattern has been created, and you understand that you are no longer 5, 12, 18 or whatever age(s) the patterns began, you can then release them, and create new more satisfying and helpful habits, thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

  • See why you began to smoke, drink, crave sugar or desire to spend more money than you make.
  • Learn why you let people make decisions for you or walk all over you.
  • Understand why love and relationships seem challenging or out of your reach.
  • Gain the wisdom around why you’re terrified of spiders, heights, flying, crowds, going to new places and more.
  • Heal your body from signs, symptoms and pain, auto-immune conditions and other chronic illnesses.
  • Learn why your body is experiencing infertility and does not want to conceive or carry a baby to term, or why your partner is currently infertile.

Once you’ve been taken through 3-4 scenarios, they are explored to reveal the Root Cause of the pattern. It’s normally one of these:

  1. I’m not enough
  2. I’m not lovable
  3. I’m afraid of being rejected or abandoned
  4. I don’t fit in or belong

Then a new pattern is infused in this subjective state. This section is meant to be recorded on its own so you can listen to this part of the recording for ~21 days (the time it takes for most people to create a habit).

If you’re interested in booking a Transformation Session with me, you can do so here: http://Sherri.as.me

What are you afraid of?


Many women do. We fear being successful.

Yes, achievemephobia is a fear of success.

We’re afraid of:

  • being powerful
  • leaving people behind
  • making more than our parents
  • making more than our partners
  • the responsibilities connected to success
  • not being good enough
  • the issues with time and money connected to success
  • and more!

Won’t it be a lot of work? What if it’s exhausting?

Success! Yes. Or err, is it a good thing?

A man wearing a red sweater stands in front of a blue brick wall smiling with clenched fists, feeling successful

When I was healing an auto-immune disease of the thyroid (Graves’ Disease) I visited a few wonderful practitioners. Two of them both mentioned on several occasions that I was filled with fear, not all of it mine, and that I feared success.

How odd, I thought. But when I realized what was attached to success for me, including the list above, I understood it.

If this is you, join me for a Transformation Session. Let’s get to the Root Cause and re-program success to be a no-brainer for you.

Book a session here:

Two women wearing backpacks stand with arms above their heads successfully climbed a mountain

Heal Depression


Does it feel like you’re under water? Numb. Stuck. Repressing anger that you DON’T want to feel?

Or maybe you experience it like quicksand?

You just don’t have the energy to do anything. And when you do get out of bed, or off the couch, it’s a struggle to ‘feel normal’ or ‘seem normal’.

Everything exhausts you. Even thinking.

A man sits on a hardwood floor curled up in a ball feeling low, sad and depressed.

There’s this dark cloud that seems to follow you around. It’s not comfortable but it becomes so normal that it’s not really uncomfortable either. It just is.


I know how it feels. It really sucks.

When I discovered I had an auto-immune disease, I was put on medications that severely lowered my thyroid function, and also made me feel like a slug. A slug who didn’t care if the house burned down around me. It was awful.

A person sits with head in hands against a block wall.

What I realized in the process of healing is that I’m supposed to thrive!

You’ve survived this long on the planet because YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

Not to continue feeling tortured… but because you have your own special gifts and talents that the world and your community needs.

Yes, you. You are important. You are unique. YOU are needed.

If you desire to get out of the quicksand and begin to thrive, book a Transformation online session with me.

Let’s get to the Root Cause of what has been keeping you stuck and heal it once and for all.

You don’t need to continue suffering like this.

Choose joy.

Book a Transformation session with me here: http://Sherri.as.me

A woman with a backpack in the forest jumps for joy.

Anxiety Sucks


Do you avoid people, places and things that cause your anxiety?

The first thing I recommend is to STOP owning it. If you don’t want to keep it, refrain from calling it My or Mine, or allowing others to call it Your or Yours. Once you call it THE anxiety, it creates a separation. It no longer feels like an arm, but just something that happens now and then.

Once you disown it, it will feel much easier to release it.

scrabble tiles spelling the word anxiety

It’s time to flip those tiles over and spell the word: HEALED


Do you take meds to keep you ‘normal’ that have weird side effects?
Dry mouth? Itchy scalp? Sweating? Nausea?

There are several different kinds of anxiety. Even animals experience it. The fight or flight kind is pretty normal. Like when a gazelle feels a predator stalking them – a dangerous threat is looming. Or when you’re walking down a dark alley at night taking a short-cut and feeling like it was a bad idea!

Humans have a tendency to feel an overwhelming sense that our mortality is approaching and we don’t think we’ll ’get it all done’.

It truly impairs our ability to function.

Often, avoiding the thing you’re afraid of creates more ‘stuckness’.

We avoid doing so many things that our life starts to feel really small.

It’s like cinching ourselves into smaller and smaller sizes so we take up less space.

Why do we do that?!

When I was anxious, my heart felt like it was beating outside my chest. I couldn’t figure out why it always happened at night before bed. I used to feel like I just ran a marathon and it was super challenging to fall asleep. The insomnia was actually accentuating the faster heartbeat. On days when I’d gotten a better nights sleep, my resting heart rate was 10-15 beats lower than when I slept like crap.

It was bizarre, frustrating and rather annoying.

I never really realized that I was hiding at home, and crossing the street and shopping at night to avoid interacting with people.

I got really good at avoidance.

A black and white photo of a woman in a white dressing looking sad while sitting on a bench.

I don’t want this for you. I want more for you, and I bet you want more for you, too!

If you desire to get to the Root Cause of the anxiety (not your anxiety) that plagues you (even if it only shows up when you need to do a speech or take an exam), I’d like to help you.

Join me for a Transformation Session. Let’s reprogram your subconscious mind to feel safe and strong, no matter what you desire to do in your life. Book a session here: http://Sherri.as.me

We’ll connect over a free video program called Zoom. (You can choose to use audio-only, but it would be fabulous to actually see you.)

Choose you. Choose a life that allows you to thrive.

Experiencing Infertility


If you’ve been trying for a long time and you just can’t seem to conceive (or keep a baby), I’d like to help.

Sometimes infertility can be caused by really old beliefs related to you not feeling capable of taking care of another human or it not being safe to do so.

Sometimes, it’s because when you were younger, you HATED having your monthly cycle, and now you experience it quite irregularly (or not at all – been there), so you don’t even know when you’re ovulating.

Or when you do ovulate, you experience extreme terror that you won’t conceive, so you manifest that. Not conceiving. This likely makes you feel like a failure, or like you’re not ‘good enough’ to be a Mom.

This is SO NOT TRUE.

I lost my monthly cycle for an entire year. My body was telling me pretty loudly:
You CAN’T have a baby. This body is NOT capable of carrying a baby.

It was sort of cool not having a cycle, but I also felt NOT female, like I was androgynous.

I got my hormones back on track, and now my monthly cycle is absolutely perfectly normal. Actually, it’s basically abnormal compared to society because I almost never know I’m having it except that flow begins on day 1.

Pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms are NOT normal. They mean your hormones are NOT balanced. This can cause issues with you conceiving, and carrying a baby to term.

They also create all sorts of torturous symptoms like:

  • bloating
  • headaches
  • cramps
  • weeping
  • anger
  • clumsiness
  • and more.

Life does NOT have to be this way!

Join me for a Transformation Session.

Let’s get to the ROOT Cause of this issue and see if we can heal it. Often, only 1-3 sessions are required to get to the Root Cause and to re-program your subconscious mind to attract what it is you desire.

A newborn baby wearing a white onsie lies face down on a man's arm with a black background

Book a session with me here:

You deserve to have all your desires.

Healing Secrets

The Secret to Healing?

Practice. Consistency. Repetition. Stopping yourself as soon as you get into old patterns, and pivoting yourself into something that feels better. Call in your Higher Self for guidance. Dance in the kitchen. Go for a walk. Watch a funny movie. Call a friend. Do ANYTHING that will help you feel better in the moment.

*If I resonate with you, and you’re ready to take the next step, please book a Transformation Session with me. I’ll bring you into a relaxed state, and safely guide  you into reviewing (but not reliving) the Root Cause of your current issue, pattern or condition. Book a Transformation Session here: http://Sherri.as.me

You can also strike up a conversation with me or ask any questions on Facebook http://fb.me/msg/sherri.simpson or email me: sherri@sherrisimpson.com

Learn more about me here.

Using Meditation

Activate your psychic gifts through meditation

You don’t need to sit cross-legged, or chant OM, or meditate for hours at a time to receive benefits. Use this three step process.

  1. Take 3 minutes a day and simply sit still, without moving anything. Well, make sure you’re breathing, but don’t scratch your nose, or itch your foot or fidget. You don’t even have to clear your mind or focus on certain thoughts. Just sit, preferably with your feet flat on the floor and your spine up tall. Once you’ve done this three days in a row, move on to step 2.
  2. Take 3 minutes a day, sit without fidgeting, and now, focus your thoughts on one thing. Anything. To-do list items and people to call and all sort of things are going to pop in and try to take centre stage. Acknowledge them and re-focus on your one thing. Once you’ve done this for three days in a row, move on to step 3.
  3. Take 3 minutes a day, sit without fidgeting, focus your mind on one thing, and relax your body. Continue this method indefinitely.

Learn more about me and how I can help you to expand your spiritual gifts and learn to manifest quicker and easier

A figure sitting cross-legged faces the cosmos on pink and blue vibrant colours

Your Clairs


The best way to activate your gifts is to practice them.

You have one or more dominant gifts, in terms of your psychic abilities, and one or more less dominant. Clairvoyance – seeing things more clearly
*practice seeing auras or visualizing things

Clairaudiance – hearing things clearly
*practice hearing human noises far away, close to you, and within you

Clairsentience – feeling things within your body
*practice feeling your breathing, your heartbeat and your emotions

Claircognizance – knowing things and having no idea how you know them
*pay attention to what you say and notice if you’ve ‘studied’ it or simply know it.

Your Chakras


Energy is meant to flow. When you connect with your Chakras, especially the main 7, and ‘run energy’ through them, you create more ease and flow in your money, love life and health.

A silhouette of a figure sitting cross legged with hands in prayer pose. The seven main chakras are shown along the length of the spine in their respective colours.

Crown – connect to Source
Third Eye – your unique Wisdom
Throat – speak your truth
Heart – expand giving and receiving
Solar Plexus – your personal power
Sacral – your creativity
Root -connect to the world