Month: November 2018

Your Clairs

YOUR PSYCHIC AND INTUITIVE TALENTS The best way to activate your gifts is to practice them. You have one or more dominant gifts, in terms of your psychic abilities, and one or more less dominant. Clairvoyance – seeing things more clearly *practice seeing auras or visualizing things Clairaudiance – hearing things clearly *practice hearing human …

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Your Chakras

CHAKRAS Energy is meant to flow. When you connect with your Chakras, especially the main 7, and ‘run energy’ through them, you create more ease and flow in your money, love life and health. Crown – connect to Source Third Eye – your unique Wisdom Throat – speak your truth Heart – expand giving and …

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About Sherri

SHERRI’S STORY Sherri has one goal, to help women get their healthy-happy groove back. She guides women into their place of personal power by connecting them to who they are at Soul Level. She guides women through releasing old worn out patterns, imprints carried since birth and early childhood (even from past lives and your …

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